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Ways To Conserve Water In The Landscape: Outdoor watering is the single largest source of water usage in the average home.
Bonide Garden Naturals:Bonide's Garden Naturals is a full line of natural, organic gardening products to help your garden grow and thrive.
Landscaping for Birds & Butterflies:Plant the right flowers, trees, and bushes to attract beautiful birds and butterflies to your landscaped areas. Landscape Lighting:New technologies such as LED lights and solar power are making landscape lighting eco-friendly. Drip IrrigationGive your lawn and landscaped areas the moisture they need with minimal waste.
Organic Pesticides: Control pests and insects in your landscape naturally without harmful health effects for your family and wildlife. Water Conservation Facts: Ideas that anyone can implement to save vast amounts of water in the garden and landscaped areas, including your turf areas.
Water Conservation: New section on saving water in the gardin and landscape - one of the largest consumers of water during the growing season.

Landscape Edging: There is not much that improves a landscape than a great looking edge on your grass and beds - learn how in this article. Landscape Maintenance: Useful articles to help you keep your lawn, garden and borders looking in tip-top shape, easily and eco-friendly. Lawn Edging Ideas: Lawn edging creates a clean, professional look to any landscaped area and helps to support a low-maintenance lawn. Landscape Pavers Introduction: This Broad Overview of Pavers Will Give The Base Knowledge You Need. Paver Designs: There Are A Lot Of Design Options Available In Landscape Pavers for Your Hardscape. Edging your landscape beds is one of the most important ways to improve the appearance of your lawn and flower beds. When installed correctly, each of these edging products makes for a wonderful looking, finished edge. One specific type of edging that is not listed above is the one that you may consider using, because of its simplicity and affordability.

Your first step is to cut your lawn to the proper height around the area you will be edging.
Finally take the metal rake and cleanup the edging and excess material from the turf and just like that, you are finished! These items can be quite costly, however,especially if you have a large landscaped area; they can also require a fair amount of maintenance to keep them looking their best over time. Usually you will need to pick a point in the lawn to edge so the entire edging will be bordered by the existing turf.
It makes it easy to visualize the landscape edging and you can easily make adjustments to the edge with the hose.
What we are talking about here is a natural or organic lawn and border edge - in other words, one created simply from the landscape itself.

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