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A natural landscape should be one that’s simplistic in blending colors, shapes and patterns.
Cottage gardens are also considered to be a natural style of landscape and in this design you will typically see less mass plantings of one particular plant and gthe use of more specimen type plants. Woodland gardens are another great example of a natural style landscape and include shade loving plants in a mix of mass’s and specimens. Home owners should determine whether or not their surroundings and style of architecture are compatible with a natural landscape.
Material choices for a natural landscape are typically indigenous, but there are exceptions to the rule.

Cottage gardens also include meandering paths usually made of natural stone or pavers and are used to connect outdoor rooms and gardens.
If your style is natural but your homes architecture is not, you can still designate an area for a natural garden. For the most part natural style and native plants go hand in hand but it’s important to incorporate some specimen plants that may or may not be native. Natural landscapes can be incorporated on every property, but you should first take into consideration the architecture of your home and the naturally existing surroundings to ensure a natural style landscape will be conducive.
When creating a woodland garden imagine what you would see in a forest and borrow its design.

Don't be afraid to mix a little bit of natural with formal; when done well the overall look is unique and one of a kind.
Using wood that is native to the area such as Ironwood for decks or pergolas is a great way to make a connection to nature. With natural landscaping as well as any style of landscaping the goal is to create a connection between the home, naturally existing elements and the landscape design.

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