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With the two digging-prone dogs in command of the backyard, we had to look at other places to build our first garden. Ours haven’t turned out quite like this, but we did manage to maximize our space by terracing the beds on the modest slope of this strip of land.
If you’re interested to see if our first attempt at a garden succeeds or fails, you can follow that adventure at our blog Gardening My Territory. Vegetable gardening is a great way to grow your own food, but Florida's soils don’t always lend themselves to growing vegetables.
Beds can be constructed using a variety of materials, including brick, rot-resistant lumber, landscape timbers, railroad ties, or concrete blocks. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, raised vegetable beds offer many benefits to gardeners. Since you don't walk in raised beds, soil compaction, which can hinder plant growth, is also greatly reduced.
Since you can improve soil conditions in your raised bed, you'll also avoid nematode problems associated with most Florida soils. Raised beds work well for kids and for those gardeners who don't want to have to bend over. Raised beds are great for gardeners who want to reduce maintenance in their vegetable gardens. To tie your landscape elements together, match your raised bed materials to other materials used in your landscape.

Soil in raised beds warms faster and dries out more quickly than soil at ground level, so you need to remember to water your raised beds on a consistent basis.
Fertilization of plants grown in raised beds is similar to that of plants grown conventionally. See the Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide for what vegetables to grow when and other valuable information on vegetable gardening. Birdies Modular raised garden bed system with the 4 shapes that can be configured from the 1 Birdies Modular raised vegetable bed kit (Standard Shape, Long Narrow, Square or Rectangular). Birdies Garden Products are an Australian leader in raised garden bed systems and products related to vegetable growing for the Backyard Farmer. My husband recommended the narrow strip of our side yard (mostly because he wants to eliminate as much yard to mow as possible).
Railroad ties lend themselves especially well to stacking for beds as high as one to three feet for gardeners who don’t want to bend over. If you have low spots in your garden that tend to pond or have excessive erosion from runoff, raised beds help you avoid those problems.
It's easier to reach your vegetables in raised beds because they have been raised off of the ground. The product is a 4 in 1 raised vegetable bed kit manufactured from quality Australian corrugated steel and available in three heights, making vegetable growing easy for all ages.
Birdies Garden products are “Made By A Gardener For The Gardener” and we understand the importance of growing your own fresh vegetables and make it easy for you with our raised vegetable beds.

By adding organic material to your raised bed, you can keep the soil full of nutrients for plants. The beds rise above the ponding or erosive areas and still allow water to naturally pass through those spots. You can plant more plants in your raised bed because you don't need the usual space between rows for walking.
Building beds one to three feet high also makes gardening possible for those in wheelchairs. You can even cover beds with bird netting, if you need to keep the birds out, because the narrow dimensions of the beds make it easy to add an overhead frame. Passion for gardening and sustainability is evident in all aspects of the Birdies raised vegetable garden product range.
Make sure you have wide, hard-surfaced paths in between beds to allow access for wheelchairs.

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