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Company InfoNorthside Landscaping and Supply is home of the LOWEST prices guaranteed on mulch delivery in the NORTHSIDE of the Indianapolis area.
Zionsville is a quaint, upscale country village with brick-paved and tree lined streets that is surrounded by historic 19th century homes.
The Mulch Monkey feels at home amongst the other small business owners and entrepreneurs who seem to outclass the major retailers and chain-type stores.

The Munce Art Center is just one of the cultural experiences that Goodwin, the Chief Mulch Monkey, loves about Zionsville. When shopping at Somerset for your bagged mulch we do your heavy lifting at the garden center. The Mulch Monkey is proud to serve the businesses and residents of Zionsville; beautifying Zionsville’s landscaping one yard (of mulch, delivered of course) at a time.

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