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Flowers, Mulch, & Shrub Trimmingso you don't have to!A well-maintained flowerbed can work wonders for your property.
It's great for playgrounds because it has double the cushioning for children as compared to non-rubber materials.
We offer a variety of garden maintenance services and customizable packages to suite our customers’ needs form weed control to planting trees and shrubs, our team does it all.

We have the ability, as a major rubber mulch supplier in Texas, to deliver to any area in Texas. Texas Pure Products Online Store has products available in the following categories: Compost, Topdressing, Pro-Bedding Mix (Soil Blend), Wood Mulch and Colorized Wood Mulch. Just 6" of our playground mulch will provide adequate protection for a critical fall height of up to 10-12 feet!

As a landscaping ground cover our mulch is an excellent alternative to traditional wood chips, as our product does not need to be replaced each year.

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