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With the combination of AST® and SPARKLE™, ENCAP® has the best mulch for seeding new lawns for any small or large spot repair. The ENCAP’s® Lawn Starter Mulch™ 50-pound bag is the perfect solution for new lawn establishment.
Prepare the soil for seeding by tilling then smoothing and raking the lawn to the point of having a smooth, firm seedbed. An alternate method of seeding is to mow the lawn closely, then aerate the lawn well with a spike aerator or similar tool.
From our humble beginnings in Madison, Georgia, to our state-of-the-art NexGen facilities in Oregon, Pennington has bred the finest grass seed in the industry since 1945.
When a poor lawn has the proper grade and a well-drained soil, it can be more easily improved through renovation, rather than complete reconstruction. Note: One pass will deliver the proper amount of mulch and will provide the perfect micro-climate for seed germination. The selected varieties of lawn seed in ProTime Lawn Seed are your assurance of a picture perfect lawn that will thrive and persist for years to come in our Northwest climate.
Spread the ProTime lawn seed you have chosen for your lawn at a rate of 7-10 pounds per 1000 square feet (unless you are planting an Ecology Lawn mix) with a hand-held whirlyird spreader or a drop spreader.
Further stress is caused by soil compaction from rain water dripping off the trees at the drip line and a heavy concentration of leaves and needles choking out the grass plants. The varieties of seed used in ProTime Shade Mix and Super Shade Supplement are the most shade tolerant grasses available.

Diagnosis: Circular or irregularly shaped, small to large patches of infected grass become water-soaked and die rapidly.
Yet, if we conduct a check with Mother Nature to see where she grows most of her grass, we will find ourselves somewhere in the clay end of the soil spectrum. Sand doesn’t store enough of the water, nutrients, or oxygen that Mother Nature requires for the grass to grow.
ProTime Lawn Seed Mixes are formulated to thrive in our wet clay soils, but if drainage is a problem, core-aeration will help alleviate the problem. Overseed the lawn with the proper mix of ProTime Lawn Seed seed, after moss removal, to ensure that desirable grasses fill in the void or thin areas that are left, or moss will surely return. When a poor lawn has the proper grade and well-drained soil, it can be more easily improved through renovation, rather than complete reconstruction. Broadcast a starter fertilizer and overseed with ProTime Lawn Seed at the rate noted on the package. Spread the Pro Time lawn seed you have chosen for your lawn at the recommended rate on the package with a hand-held whirlybird spreader or drop spreader. A self-spreading grass, Zoysia grows well in full sun, has improved cold tolerance and stays green longer into the fall season. Plant one bag of Grass Seed & Mulch mixture according to the coverage rate on the package. You should be able to walk on your seedbed without sinking more than a quarter inch into the soil.

This helps to protect the seedlings, holds in warmth and moisture, and hides the seeds from birds. Renovation involves the removal of thatch, grass and weeds, while thinning the lawn down to the soil to permit the introduction of improved varieties of grasses like those found in ProTime Lawn Seed mixes. The seed and mulch are blended to give the correct seeding rate for each of the two components. Moss will return if the lawn is thin, so overseeding with Pro Time Lawn seed is essential for complete recovery. Wait approximately 7 days after the final spraying and plant Grass Seed & Mulch according to the coverage rate on the package, making certain the seed and mulch are spread evenly across the area. Once roots of new plants have established, keep the new grasses growing thickly by fertilizing with long lasting, slow-release fertilizer. When the red threads or flocks are present, following humid weather, the patches of blighted grass take on a reddish cast that is easily detected. Using a standard lawn mower, mow the dead grass close to the ground allowing the clippings to remain on the ground as a mulch cover.

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