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A year-round blanket of organic mulch material makes for an almost labor-free garden, the article includes information on planting, bed preparation, creating organic mulch and when to mulch. Be aware that whatever mulch you choose will not affect the pH level of your soil, unless it is very sandy soil. Shredded bark mulch is probably the easiest and least expensive of all the mulches available.
If you trust your straw supplier, straw mulch is some of the best mulch that you can add to the garden. Pine needle mulch is a good choice if you grow acid-loving plants like such as blueberries, rhododendrons, azaleas and hydrangeas that change color based on a soil's pH level. Let's put river stones, lava rock and rubber mulch under the category of inorganic mulch since these do not break down like the mulches mentioned above. While this is not an exhaustive list, these five mulch categories are commonly available or can be made from material that is already in your landscape.
However, this does mean that you have to keep replacing the mulch, which means that you have to buy more.

This will bring the opposite effect you are wanting from mulch -- it will dry your soil out and dehydrate your plants. If you are deciding between a natural mulch and a synthetic mulch, remember that natural mulches will breakdown over time and contribute to your soil's fertility.Types of mulch to consider1. In the fall, collect all of the leaves you can and shred them either with your hands or a weed wacker and apply the shredded leaf mulch on your beds. It won't happen overnight, but regular application of pine needle mulch will increase the acidity of your garden's soil. Deciding on whether you want organic or inorganic mulch can come down to a matter of preference and cost.At the community garden that I'm a part of, we get free shredded bark mulch from the village that hosts the garden. If your city or town offers "free mulch" it is most likely that the mulch comes from trees cut down in your area. While nothing is cheaper and easier to apply than leaf mulch, it doesn't last for a long time because leaves decompose rapidly. Just be aware that a straw mulch with a lot of seeds will create more weeds than it will keep down.

While I'm appreciative of the free mulch, I can't help but wonder how much more polished our garden could look if the spaces between the raised beds was covered in pea gravel instead of dusty and sharp pieces of shredded bark mulch.
Organic mulch consists of things like grass clippings, straw, chopped leaves, bark, compost, and other dead material. Similarly, grass clippings can be harvested and applied to your garden beds and container gardens.
But in my opinion, walkways and paths look particularly good when covered in river stones and pea gravel, and few things set off a garden like these mulches.Free mulch being delivered to our community garden. If you are needing some help with what to do when applying mulch, we’ve listed some ideas below.

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