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Martha Schwartz Partners Fengming Mountain Park is set on a 16,000m2 site, located in the growing Shapingba District of Chongqing.
Extreme topography creates both a functional challenge to facilitate pedestrian and vehicle movement from the upper car-park to the sales centre at the lowest point; and a unique opportunity to provide a dynamic landscape – the ‘mountain‘.
The zigzag path ensures the extreme level change is accessible for all, the path also becomes a geological pattern language, as if one is a walking on trails winding up a steep mountain.
The presence of water is an important part of Fengming Mountain Park and is expressed as a ‘flow’ of water from the arrival plaza to the sales centre, using a variety of different water effects, such as: channels, pools and jets to assist with cooling, provide sounds and atmosphere to what is a captivating landscape. A folded plate roof and large expanses of glass are key architectural features to this home positioned on a 200-acre ridge, 9,200 feet up in the mountains of west-central Colorado. This Colorado mountain residence with panoramic views of the Elk Mountain Range stands in perfect harmony with its spectacular environment—visually striking, epic in scale and unique. The building site, excavated for a discontinued residential project, required the landscape architect develop a program of rehabilitation and reforesting of the uprooted site. The success of the project rested with the ability of the architect and landscape architect to craft the client’s vision of a contemporary residential masterpiece that was both respectful of and scaled appropriately to the surrounding environment.
Because the landscape is so dominant, spectacular and immediate, the architect established the scale of the interior to match the exterior. The residence was sited to follow the longitudinal parallel of the ridgeline of the mountain range backdrop. Along the east wing of the house, meandering plantings define the edge of the landscape, creating a series of outdoor rooms such as a circular children’s area connected by a network of lawn pathways. The planting design was envisioned to maximize the transparency of the residence and create a landscape that appears endless. The landscape design successfully integrates modern architecture in a spectacular natural setting. Founded in 1969, Design Workshop is an international landscape architecture, land planning, urban design and strategic services firm with offices in Aspen, Austin, Denver, Salt Lake City, Lake Tahoe and Ashville, N.C.

The Rak Jebel Al Jais Mountain Resort is a new master planned tourist village in the Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. A new road will be built along the mountain tops connecting dramatic points of interest along the way.
The resort, located in the mountains East of Dubai, consists of many buildings including an inhabited damn and bridge, all of which seem to precariously grasp to the sides of cliffs. Rak Jebel Al Jais Mountain Resort is yet another example of the monstrous projects that are expected to be built in the desert region of the Persian Gulf. I won’t focus on the destruction of the natural landscape (clearly mentioned already), but I wonder how many people will die from making this thing.
These elements provide the inspiration for the mountain pavilions, zigzag patterns, orchestrated terrain and the use of vivid colours (to contrast against the sky).
The first of the mountain pavilions stands at the entrance, to mark the start of series of visual mountain peaks, descending down the slope.
Fengming Mountain has become a has become a vibrant, joyful and well loved part of the Chongqing cityscape. Resting on a butte above a nearby mountain community, the boundaries of the residence unite the open space and mountain ranges, creating the illusion of an estate with infinite grounds. The landscape design responds to the strong intensity of the sun, prevailing winds, heavy snowfalls, and temperatures that at this altitude can fluctuate 50 degrees in a single day. Designed by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, this future resort will be built on the top and the sides of a mountain range, defying nature and the mountains with its extravagant design, improbable building site and disregard for the native landscape. Buildings cling to the mountain along the path, at times actually bridging the road across gaps. Villas and pixelated housing units cut into the mountain with flat roofs used for lush gardens and pools. With pools, luscious gardens, roads and cliff-side dwellings, this resort stands out starkly against the surrounding barren landscape.

Opened in Spring 2013, visitors are taken on a dynamic journey via a series of iconic mountain-shaped follies, plazas, greenery and water features to the proposed Vanke Golden City Development sales centre.
Minimal intervention to the front lawn makes available one of the most dramatic Rocky Mountain views in central Colorado. Native plants, including sagebrush, red-twig dogwood (Cornus), black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia), purple coneflower (Echinacea), alpine lupine (Lupinus) and periwinkle (Vinca) transition the contained landscape to the natural surroundings.
The Wedge is a prominent feature that juts out from the top of the mountain, extending out over the cliffs and providing a flat public plaza for events, and concerts.
Architecturally, some may find it appealing and certainly interesting, but in terms of sustainability, this resort will reek havoc on the local environment. As a result we designed the whole project as an offset to the terrain and covered it with a blanket of the original landscape. The landscape design therefore becomes an extension of the residence, bridging the contemporary vernacular of the architecture to its mountainous environment.
The landscape responds accordingly, providing unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains. Strategically-placed quaking aspens appear as natural sculptures set into the landscape, framing views to distant points of interest.
We prefer some of the more recent designs for eco-resorts that celebrate the natural landscape and do their best to minimize their environmental impact.

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