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The problem this Memorial-Houston homeowner faced was that her sumptuous contemporary home, an austere series of interconnected cubes of various sizes constructed from white stucco, black steel and glass, did not have the proper landscaping frame. Inspiration for a large modern full sun front yard outdoor sport court in Houston with gravel.
A modern or contemporary landscape is defined by its emphasis on strong structural and graphic elements, clean lines and unusual materials.
Squares and rectangles are commonly used geometric shapes in a contemporary landscape, but an occasional circle can work wonders in softening a rectangular yard. A contemporary landscape works well with a variety of architectural styles, including a ranch home. The elements of a typical Southwestern garden could be custom made for a contemporary landscape. Though most modern landscapes are paired with a contemporary or at least ranch-style house design, you don't need to stick with that.
A contemporary hardscape, with its simple lines and low profile, also works well when paired with the natural landscape.

Water is a common element in a modern landscape, but don't expect a rock-filled waterfall or a naturalistic garden pool. A front yard gets a modern twist: The concrete patio and edgings divide the space into entryway, play area, and sitting spots, plus note the warm color and horizontal structure of the gates, the simplified plantings, the bright orange cushions and the contemporary table.
Filling the same space with symmetrical rows of grasses and shrubs creates a completely different look.Though hardscaping may play a leading role, plant choice is still a major factor in a modern or contemporary landscape. A softly colored but not too sweetly pastel rug anchors the space, the dark wood of the deck and furniture is modern in feeling, and bright red accents echo the brick of the building beyond.If you crave a modern touch, even in a traditional garden, a patio or deck may be the perfect spot to experiment.
It also appeals to modern sensibilities by blending the indoors with the outside world.Though such a garden may seem like a complete break with centuries of landscape design, when you look closely, you'll find that the same basic elements are still there. Modern landscaping is often thought of as being showy or dramatic, but it can also be very subtle. The hardscaping materials mimic the colors of the house, allowing the landscaping to feel like it is an extension of the home rather than a separate space. The muted colors reflect those found in the city's often foggy natural landscape and create a year-round peaceful retreat.

Though colorful flowers and plants can be used in this style of landscaping, they're most effective when treated as accent pieces. Intuitively, the homeowner realized this issue and started interviewing landscape designers. Modern or contemporary landscapes really came into their own alongside modern and contemporary architecture in the mid-1900s. With its simplicity and clean lines, the modern garden can easily become a relaxing and calming retreat. Aesthetically, we crafted it so that the wall has a sharp upper edge, a modern motif right where the landscape meets the land.

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