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You can join the pallets together by forming a base, sides and back in order to provide it a look that resembles a couch.
You can place a ladder and along the sides add wooden recycled pallets slabs with a good distance between each. You can simply take two pallet slabs can join them in a way to provide it a look of a table.
Take a pallet slab, tie it with solid ropes and attach it to the tree or any other firm support.
Enough of the red carpets and expensive rugs – place the pallets in the garden so that it can help you form a rug like look.
You can place some pictures or decorative pieces in the wall fixed pallet – it would allure all. You can join pallets horizontally and vertically to form a vegetable patch to protect your grown delicious veggies.
You can use pallet as base, keep the gap as you want the space to be – add glasses on the top so that greenhouse Is completed. You can use two slabs jointed with center floral panel – get the slab fixed and converted into perfect dinner table for the garden.
If you have a contrasting wall, you can have a beautiful standing planter with different variety of flowers in it. I started my work at the beginning of 2007 by engaging myself with detail reading and exchanging information with others. Really wonderful and simple DIY by make use of wooden pallets to decorate our home and gardens.

You are definitely acquainted with the concept of vertical gardens, especially if you live in an urban area where space is limited.
It is quite cheap and cost effective to build a vertical herb garden by yourself especially if your outdoor space is limited. If you like to garden, then you’ll love these creative gardening ideas with a simple pallet.
What I love about the idea of using a pallet as a planter is that you can move it around your patio, yard, and even hang it to create a vertical garden.
Kylee Baumle took this photo of a hanging pallet garden at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle.
I must admit, though, that I see these and wonder about what was shipped on the pallets originally. Unlike traditional gardens, vertical gardens take very little space, but can accommodate a lot of flowers and greenery. A lovely herb garden will be an awesome decoration for your balcony or patio area, besides the pure practical benefit that you will always have an assortment of fresh herbs at hand. I have several large blank walls on my deck where a vertical pallet garden would be perfect.
Am thinking now that if i can get a hold of a couple pallets, it can help hide an ugly Hvac system that is right infront of my home. You can place this homemade pallet couch in your garden and enjoy reading or talking with friends.
Once you are done with fixing the base and the vertical stand, place some LED lights to make it a masterpiece.

The particular interests that brought me in the world of blogging are gardening, wildlife, nature, farming and livestock.
We will show you a fantastic DIY project and give you instructions how you can build a vertical herb garden from a wooden pallet. You must have never thought about creating beautiful decors from the pallets that you have in the junkyard or storeroom. It is the right time to begin with some fun activities, which would certainly result in the exquisite and chic look. Well, if you do not have a pallet in your house, do not worry – simply buy them from any store.
What you need is one used wooden pallet (or two, three, if you have the space), a level, a Kreg jig, nails, paint, flower pots and some vinyl labels. Optionally, you may fill the shelves of your herb garden with soil and plant the herbs directly. This excerpt is all about pallet ideas, and uses of pallet in the garden and home;  which can assist you to make your garden more worthwhile. If you wonder what types of herbs to grow – take our tip – basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme – these are all perfect for a vertical gardening.

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