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Finding that more and more people are gaining understanding of how their landscape can be beautiful, functional and low-maintenance, St. Low maintenance landscaping¬†fits the bill for many people, but it doesn’t mean boring.
Croix Valley Landscaping is also adding that feminine touch to many of their landscape remodels. During this boom time, a crucial reality was always present in the minds of homeowners: The plants on our properties are going to require maintenance.
From a landscape design standpoint, it’s important to factor in the amount of maintenance time you expect to be able to spend keeping your plants happy and the overall landscape attractive.

Unless you can afford a full-service lawn care company and an irrigation system, limiting the amount of space devoted to lawn will greatly reduce maintenance time.
Any attractive area of the landscape that doesn’t have plants will be as low maintenance as it gets. Too often, homeowners hire a landscaping firm to install a substantial landscape, or do it themselves, only to discover that maintaining it requires more time and effort than they have at their disposal. Writing on this topic for a publication, I tossed in a line about native prairie being about the only true low-maintenance landscape one could install.
Pathways, patios, birdbaths, fountains, sculpture, boulder outcroppings, all take up square footage in the landscape while requiring from zero to a meager amount of maintenance time.

Then the editor sent me an e-mail: She had installed a native prairie on her large property years ago, and found it to require no less maintenance than any other portion of her landscape.

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