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Angie's List member Judith Doan's new backyard landscape includes new patio pavers and low maintenance plants. After living in her Sagamore Hills, Ohio, home for more than 13 years, Angie’s List member Judith Doan decided it was time to dig out the old and install new landscaping in her backyard.
After conferring with a friend, Doan contacted highly rated Bremec Greenhouses & Nursery of Chesterland, Ohio, and researched some of their past landscaping jobs to get an idea of their work. Angie's List member Judith Doan hired highly rated Bremec Greenhouses & Nursery to install new landscaping. Staci Giordullo is a senior writer for Angie’s List, covering the latest and greatest in the List’s home and lifestyle categories. Hilliard landscaping service changed an Angie’s List member’s yard from bland and boring to a creativity-filled lush landscape that now feels like home.

Shrubs reaching 3 feet or less in height contribute additional textures and colors to a hillside landscape.
Some communities and counties with frequent periods of dry hot weather regulate shrub planting, especially on large hillsides or other dry or windy areas, to reduce the danger of wildfire spread. Janet Beal has written for various websites, covering a variety of topics, including gardening, home, child development and cultural issues.
For moist shade, common sweetshrub or Carolina allspice (Calycanthus floridus) grows to between 6 and 12 feet.
Grabel, an artist-turned-gardenmaker, is known for creating functional, sustainable outdoor rooms with painterly flair."Amy and David were starting a family and needed child-friendly space outside," Grabel said.
Several types of shrubs hardy to United States Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 9 meet hillside challenges well.

On the other side, wet grass was ripped out in favor of artificial turf for the kids.On the front slope, where the garden was so overgrown that it shrouded the house, she carefully layered plants with strong colors and architectural shapes.
For extra soil stability, she also planted through a layer of jute netting.At the top of the slope, African sumac and hedges of Italian buckthorn and native ceanothus provide privacy from neighbors above. For quick coverage across the middle, she planted Myoporum parvifolium, an evergreen groundcover that serves as a refreshing backdrop to the dining patio. And to foster a more intimate atmosphere down low, she grouped small, orange-blooming aloes and echeverias amid purple ice plant.

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