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Lawn care servicesMost landscaping companies offer a variety of services when you hire them. Many landscapers offer service plans that you can pay for by the year, and they'll tackle all the tasks your lawn needs completed throughout the year. Lawn mowing: If you buy a lawn care package, check to see if it includes trimming, edging and fertilizing services. Aeration: Typically done in the fall and spring, aeration pulls plugs of grass, thatch and soil from your lawn.
General maintenance: Other general maintenance tasks like picking up sticks, pulling weeds and planting new plants are other services landscapers provide.
Choosing a lawn care serviceWhile some homeowners take great personal pleasure in caring for their beloved lawns, for others it's just a big chore that's hard to keep up with.
Get an on-site estimate: Each lawn is different, so you can't assess its needs over the phone. Avoid quick fixes: If your lawn is in distress, stay away from self-proclaimed magicians who claim to work miracles. Chemical check: If you're considering a chemical treatment to be applied to your lawn, make sure the professional you hire is certified to apply such chemicals. Lawn care tipsIf you enjoy working in the yard and don't mind weekend projects then taking care of your own lawn is perfect for you. Tall grass is good: As grass grows taller, its roots go deeper, resulting in a healthier lawn that requires less watering.

Clear the lawn: Your mower has the power to turn any rock or stick into a flying projectile that can harm nearby people. Essential lawn care toolsYou don't necessarily need to own all of these -- for example, a rototiller can be rented when needed -- but here's a primer on each tool and its uses. There are many diseases that can affect a lawn including fairy rings, red thatch, and dollar spots. If you want a lush, green lawn each summer then it's smart to determine what type of grass grows best in your region of the country.
Bermuda: Drought resistant, yet adaptable to various soils, Bermuda grass is used frequently for lawns in the south. Centipede: This grass is slow growing, but it is ideal for lawns since it is low maintenance and does not require much fertilization or mowing.
Artificial turf: Made of recycled materials including used tires, artificial lawns require no water, fertilization, weed killer or mowing. For larger yards, you will need some sort of powered leaf-collection tools if you plan on getting your lawn finished in a reasonable time frame. Lawn Care & FertilizersHow to Dethatch Your LawnHere are the best — and worst — methods of dethatching to make your lawn healthier and more attractive.
Companies suggest fertilizing your lawn a few times a year to help it grow thick, but too much fertilizer can harm your lawn.
Lawn care companies calculate the cost by the square foot, and the average fertilization package costs around $200 to $300 per year.

A qualified lawn care service should come out and inspect your lawn before offering a service package. A dull blade rips the grass, creating an uneven look, damaging your lawn and leaving it exposed to diseases and parasites.
Some pesticides are very harsh on a lawn and can cause as much new damage as it prevents in old damage. Everyone wants to enjoy their lawn but must be careful not to put too much pressure on the grass to stay healthy and get constantly trampled.
Planning and intense labor is needed to establish the stone lawn, but once in place, it just needs to be hosed down, and sprayed with weed killer on occasion.
Learn the risks of using lawn pesticides and fertilizers and how they can affect your entire family’s health, not just the furry ones.
Find the type of business you need, whether it is a lawn service, attorney, car repair, or pizza shop, you can find what you are looking for here. Wait until the blade has completely stopped spinning before going near the deck to remove clogs.

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