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Because of the fine detail involved in keeping annual flowers looking fresh and presentable, an additional charge for maintenance will be assessed. Walsh and Company Landscape Maintenance has offered premier lawn care and landscape maintenance services since 1980. Lawn Maintenance services are available in Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas in Clark County. Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Services In Vancouver, WA for Residential and Commercial Properties.
In cooler weather, like we regularly experience in Vancouver WA throughout Fall, Winter, and Spring, the mowing height will be lowered so the grass will dry faster in the morning.

If previous maintenance practice has been to shear and ball, then the natural shape will be restored gradually.
We provide Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Services In Vancouver, WA for Residential and Commercial Properties. Keeping the lawn green, the shrubs pruned, and the weeds away are all great ways of increasing not only the appearance of your property but the value as well. We encourage all homeowners, whether you are new to the home or have lived there your entire life, to imagine a beautiful rich green lawn, raised garden beds where you once had to kneel, or the sound of a flowing stream with a cascading waterfall in your own backyard. Generally, the best place to start is by creating a low maintenance landscape by getting rid of, or solving, the cause of the landscape problem.

Creating a low maintenance landscape in a commercial setting can add beauty, attraction, and of course catch the eye of prospective clients.

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