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Before applying fertilizer to your lawn it is usually a good idea to get your lawn’s soil tested (every 2 – 3 years is fine). If your lawn is in need of some renovation, the spring time is the time to re-sod the areas or plant plugs on 6 to 12 inch centers. During the hot summer months, unless your lawn is stressed due to drought conditions, mow your grass every 5-7 days. Do a thorough walk over your lawn looking for any drought like symptoms or yellow spots showing up in sunny locations.
If your lawn is in need of some renovation, replant any large areas in Late-May, re-sod the areas or plant plugs on 6 to 12 inch centers.

The exception: To prevent desiccation newly planted lawns or sod should be watered during this period. Below is a listing of the more popular ones used in Florida lawn care and across the Southeast.
During the winter months your grass may turn brown and tempt you to set your lawn mower lower to remove all the “dead” grass before the active growing season. Augustinegrass following the same guidelines as June-August, mowing every 5 to 7 days and less when the lawn is drought stressed. However, you can do some lawn clean up by, picking up any debris (sticks, rocks, leaves, etc.).

If you have not taken a soil sample (every 2-3 years is fine) and had your soil tested, now is a good time to find out your lawn’s nutrient makeup and requirements.
However, good moisture in the soil will help your St Augustine lawn retain its color during the summer months.

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