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Tallahassee Lawn Services maintenance specialists utilize the very best in premium grass seeds, weed control products, lawn fertilizers, and other lawn maintenance services.
The Lawn Services Maintenance Program applications are completed throughout the year on a strategic schedule.  Tallahassee lawn care maintenance controls unwanted grasses and weeds and provides fertilization when the lawn needs it. Tallahassee Lawn Services takes pride in providing clients with excellent lawn care maintenance services. Contact Tallahassee Lawn Services to schedule an appointment for services or to discuss a free consultation. Tallahassee Lawn Services realizes that soils and grasses aren’t the only factors that make up an attractive lawn; shrubs are also important and valuable contributors to a beautiful landscape.
Tallahassee Lawn Services uses a proactive approach for preventing and fighting agitating lawn diseases, insects and consistent lawn care maintenance needs.  Shrub maintenance process is guaranteed to stabilize any common lawn maintenance challenges on a seasonal basis.
Contact Tallahassee Lawn Services to schedule an appointment for services or to discuss a free consultation. Deep root fertilization and treatment with insecticides, fungicides, and miticides are just a part of the system Tallahassee Lawn Services employs to sustain trees.

Tallahassee Lawn Services knows that in order to maintain a lawn free of weeds with well-kept hedges, regular maintenance, and pruning and clipping are essential.
Tallahassee Lawn Services ensures that regular watering, mowing, fertilization, and insect and disease control, the grass will out-compete the weeds. Another useful practice Tallahassee Lawn Services employs is maintaining 2-4 inches of mulch in flower beds. Tallahassee Lawn Services appreciates that while water is vital for a vibrant, healthy lawn, excess water can be devastating. Determining the most efficient drainage system for the landscape provides years of protection by tunneling water away from support structures and the perimeter of foundations while keeping the low areas of a lawn properly watered but never swampy. Tallahassee Lawn Services knows the exterior of a structure and its’ surroundings sets the tone for the first impression.
Parking lot maintenance services remove the toughest stains safely and quickly.  Using professional grade and environmentally-friendly products and waste water recovery systems ensure that parking lots and structures are cleaned in a professional manner to the highest standards. For a healthy lawn, hand pulling weeds will solve most issues and pulling weeds after a rain helps remove tap roots.

By providing clients with complete Drainage Work, lawns are protected against water damage. Whether the goal is to improve curb appeal, screen out unwanted sights and sounds, simplify maintenance, increase property value, or showcase the highlights of your property, Tallahassee Lawn Services make the most of outdoor living areas. Tallahassee Lawn Services’ eight-step program for Shrubs protects plants and small trees for only a fraction of the cost to replace them. The best practice to keep weeds to a minimum is to have a healthy lawn that is regularly maintained. Combining drainage work, grounds maintenance, and lawn aeration ensures homes stay dry and ensure lawns are able to absorb excess water.

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