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Transforming your homes' landscape can be as simple as adding special touches with borders and curbing. The main reason property owners install concrete landscape curbing is because they get tired of replacing rusted or broken landscape edging. Add custom colors and patterns to match anything from your brick, stone, or a specific landscape color that you may have in your garden. With a continuous border you will stop that unwanted grass and weeds from invading your flower beds. First, the sod cutting and ground preparation is completed making the landscape ready for curb installation. Second the concrete is mixed on a self-contained trailer, and color is added to the exact measurement for the job. Once the concrete is mixed it is wheeled to the site, fed into the machine and extruded into a beautiful continuous border for your landscaped area. This process is normally a 1-day process, and when the crew is completed your landscape will be as clean as when they arrived. The installer will remove the existing edging, and cut a 9 inch wide strip of sod away from the outside edge of your existing landscaping. Your curbing will be as strong as 3000psi (verify with your installer) and will with stand your mowers weight to ride along the edge of the curbing. The blades of your mower will not damage your curbing, and will allow you to mow right up against it resulting in less time spent weed eating around your landscaped areas. Landscaping is divided into two main areas, Pittsburgh landscaping services and Pittsburgh hardscaping services.
Traditional landscaping refers to the altering of land, soil and lawns to meet a specific requirement. These features can also include garden decor, mulch, gardening decorations, landscape edging, lawn edging, horticulture and more.
Landscape lighting and weather effects are another part of landscape service that you can order. For added green usefulness, you can turn to solar-powered landscape lighting and weather effects. Pittsburgh landscapers also offer landscaping services like water effects, natural soil and land formations and more.
There are four main styles of retaining walls in Pittsburgh, and the surrounding area like New Castle PA and Hermitage PA. Retaining walls in Western Pennsylvania can also use meshes and mats to keep earth and soil from movement. One of the best pricing materials, and most aesthetically pleasing for areas, is a natural stone to the area.
The choice of stone and rock comes down to what type of pathway or walkway is chosen, and if it is anchored or in relation to other rock and stone elements. The most simple method of creating a driveway is to simply edge the needed area, and pour concrete.
Most landscaping contractors and landscaping service in Pittsburgh offer some type of wooden deck, arbors or other wooden structures that help to accent classic stone areas. Most outdoor structures like pergolas, gazebos and covered decks are usually coupled with stone pavers to make comfortable patios.
For summer months, even counties as far north as Mercer County and Erie need to be mindful of temperatures for services. Also, grass and lawn maintenance changes in the form of lesser “cuts” and more frequent water consumption.

For instance, in Allegheny County, most of Butler County, Armstrong County and Washington County, you are considered in the Pittsburgh Plateau. In Lawrence County, Mercer County, parts of Beaver County and Crawford County, you are in the Glacial Appalachian Plateau. For Westmoreland County, Fayette County and Indiana County, you are in the Allegheny  Mountain area. For the above reasons, the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania region is dominated by stone pavings and retaining walls (mortared and anchored, usually) of various heights and using different structural styles. Enter your email below, and you'll get landscaping and softscaping information for the Pittsburgh Pa and surrounding area immediately.
This is done using a sod-cutting machine to cut a 6-9" wide strip of sod, and the crew using square shovels to remove grass, and level the ground. The mixture of cement sand, Portland cement, and a reinforced fiber is what creates a strong durable mixture. The concrete landscape curbing contractor can stamp this mold with several different types of stamps to include brick, and stone stamping.
With several stamp designs to choose from and a wide variety of colors and color mixtures your designs are unlimited!Note that all contractors will not offer the same molds or the same colors or stamping choices. In Pittsburgh, and the surrounding area of western Pennsylvania, this is a profession that varies a great deal in action.
Gardening encompasses planting and caring for living elements, like fauna and flora, (bushes, plants, flowers and more). These elements, including pathway lighting and deck and patio lighting effects, provide a quality look to landscaping needs, as well as security.
If you choose not to hire a local landscaper in Pittsburgh, you can also purchase low voltage landscape lighting and landscape lighting kits from home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Most that hold some form of weight behind them (structural needs), are made from stone or block and mortar. While no one wall type is better than another in general, each retaining wall and vertical hardscape structure needs to be thought out; and an engineer to be hired for some larger structures. There are also other types of walls and verticals that use combinations of various styles of retaining structures for added strength and style. Everything from natural rock and stone, to gravel and patio pavers can be used for your needs.
For Pittsburgh, Butler County, Mercer County, Allegheny and Westmoreland counties, you will find a few stones and rocks used more often than others. Poured concrete is another cost-effective and useful hardscape material as any shape can be created and used. Concrete, when treated with a gravel base and metal reinforcement, can last a lifetime under most weights and pressures. Many hardscapers and landscaping companies in the area offer initial creation, as well as driveway sealers and seal-coating services; a good driveway sealer should not be an annual hire.
Outdoor furniture and landscape lighting and outdoor heating can add to the environment and comfort of these more luxury landscaping choices. After October has completed and November starts, services like lawn care maintenance, filtration and watering from the house, pool servicing and more.
Also, soil needs can be addressed; digging, excavations, alterations, retaining walls and more. This is also usually the time that most landscaping and hardscaping projects are ramped up, as well, massive amount of searches and calls are made for landscapers in Pittsburgh. While technically not located in the mountainous region itself, Pittsburgh and neighboring areas are close enough to the Appalachians that it’s soil makeup and possible rock and earth consistency is similar.

While drainage is poorer in this region compared to the Pittsburgh area, the growing season for plants and gardening can have a higher yield. For landscaping, this can be an issue because of the diverse textures created from sandstones. This area is varied in both land elevation and texture, as well as in the natural rock choices a landscaping company could use for your home landscaping and commercial landscaping project. From natural sandstone and fieldstone retaining walls, to natural gravel walkways, to brick and even artificial stones like created concrete paving stones, this region supplies some of the best landscapers and landscaping companies in the country.
Information herein is provide as entertainment purposes, and professional services are recommended as opinion. With brick and stone stamping, several different methods of coloring can be used to give the curbing a multi-colored, multi -dimensional look. Everything from building retaining walls, to rebuilding and repairing walkways, to lawn care and maintenance as well as excavating and snow removal can be covered under landscaping. The weather and freezing temperatures from November through March put a heavy dull on the amount of regional work. However, many luxury landscaping ideas including fountains, flora growing around and in ponds and pools, and “natural” animal introduction where possible. Also, hardscaping can encompass larger bodies of water and water elements, and their surrounding accents and landscaping elements.
One of the biggest benefits is the cost of stone pavers and concrete pavers; these become a fraction of natural stones. The texture of gravel, sand and grain, along with other additional elements like dyes, can alter the look of your concrete and cement mixture. When using gravels and smaller stones, care must be given to other external issues like irrigation and water levels; as materials can and will be lost over time. The harsh snow of the winters in Erie PA, Pittsburgh and even Youngstown Ohio are nothing for most of these materials.
Early winter landscaping services might also include new mulch and mulching jobs, fertilizing lawns and lawn aeration. This is also the best time to start eliminating and pruning trees and shrubs, as well as other problematic foliage. Anything over 95 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to dehydration in the poured cement or laid mortar and it can cause structural instability. While this is true, the soil itself is created from glacial till, which still has irrigation and poor drainage issues. As well, landscaping choices for elements like retaining walls and excavations may be needed as the land may be more sloping and erosive compared to related areas in Pennsylvania. These swings in the weather create issues when dealing with various mortar and laid or poured concrete, as well as dealing with any excavating and soil requirements. A trench, two inches deep and nine inches wide around the landscape edging bed is formed using a machine called a bedtrencher.Next, concrete is prepared in a mortar mixer with sand, cement, fiber and water as the basic ingredients. Using  specially formed hand trowels the concrete curb is quickly smoothed into a decorative landscape masterpiece.After the curbing is laid down and smoothed it can be stamped to create patterns using various stamping tools.

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