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Many people enjoy having rocks in their landscape, whether it’s boulders, flagstone paths or fine white marble mulch. Sometimes this type of rock in the landscape will get unattractively dirty but cleaning these rocks is an easy job. Use a small shovel, garden spade or other sturdy tool to stir the rocks well, allowing dirt and debris to float up. Add water to the rock containers, stir and dump, and repeat until the water is clear and debris free.
Rinse off landscape fabric or plastic where the rocks you removed laid and replace the rocks. After washing the smaller rocks in a tub you may want to store them in another container or on a tarp until all the rocks are clean before replacing them.

You may want to consider replacing rock mulch with the natural products like woodchips or pine straw. You may want to consider removing just the top part of small rock mulch and replacing it with a layer of new rock mulch.
While weeds can be more of a problem without it, eliminating plastic sheeting or landscape fabric under rocks allows debris and dirt to settle further below the rocks and decompose. This can happen after a flood or perhaps on account of nearby construction that’s moving around lots of soil or creating muddy conditions. Use a hose without a nozzle and flood the rocks with water, letting the water carry debris out of the rocks. If rocks are stained you could add 1 part household bleach to 2 parts water to cover the rocks for the first washing.

With a little hard work, you can clean even small landscape rock mulch should it start to look dirty or messy. It is going to take some work but if you want to preserve the rock mulch cleaning it can be done. Most recently, she’s been working on editing How to Tell if a Cow or Heifer Is Pregnant to make some improvements based on reader feedback and questions.

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