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Segmental retaining walls are modular block retaining walls used for vertical grade change applications. Block rentals now available for securing event tent structures such as, counterweights, ballasts, anchor weights and deadmen. ReCon Retaining Walls prides itself in using its knowledge and experience to deliver Solutions and Value to its retaining wall customers.
This attention to your needs has resulted in ReCon big block retaining walls becoming the product of choice for a wide variety of commercial, residential and institutional retaining walls and demanding water applications.

Retaining walls should enhance the aesthetics of the natural surroundings and add value to a property. If long term durability is important to you, then select a retaining wall block that is made of wet-cast concrete.
The system consists of dry-cast concrete blocks that are placed without mortar (dry stacked) and rely on their keyed interface and mass to resist overturning and sliding. The ReCon concrete blocks for retaining walls are made from wet cast concrete specifically designed to withstand adverse conditions.

We combine our large retaining wall block system with knowledge, tools, and testing that allows us to deliver a wall solution, not just a good block. ReCon's large retaining wall block can be engineered for unreinforced gravity retaining walls reaching heights in excess of 20'.

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