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Tree trimming and pruning are common services that homeowners take advantage of to ensure a healthy and safe tree . Should homeowners desire to remove a tree, Dan’s Grounds Maintenance can economically do the job safely and quickly. Tree care is often neglected, or forgotten altogether, by homeowners and business owners alike. Our arborists will work with you to determine a maintenance schedule and plan to promote healthy growth and a pleasing appearance for your trees. Thinning is a term used to describe a pruning method that allows light permeation and air flow through the crown of the tree. The term Dead Wooding refers to the removal of dead, dying, or diseased branches from the tree. If you still believe that proper tree maintenance isn’t necessary for the care of your trees and your surrounding property, then maybe you haven’t considered Florida’s storm and hurricane season.
By preparing your trees for stormy weather, you will have peace of mind knowing you’ve worked with a professional to prepare for the safety of your trees, property and family. Allow an arborist to assess the trees on your property and provide information on necessary pruning in the event of storm or hurricane. In the event of a storm, we will respond as soon as possible to assess which trees need to go and which trees are salvageable. Tree removal requires the most tree care knowledge for safe work practice and proper procedure in order to complete the job safely and efficiently. Chrysophyllum oliviforme (Satinleaf) prefers full sun or partial shade and can reach 25’ in height.  Satinleaf is a rare, endangered tree found in southern Florida’s hardwood hammocks and is spectacular in the landscape because of the leaves that are dark green above, coppery below. Lysiloma latisiliquum (Wild Tamarind) is a spreading tree that can reach heights of 40’ or more. Bursera simaruba (Gumbo-Limbo, Tourist Tree) is a fast-growing canopy tree that will provide a lot of shade.
National ArboristsYour online resource for local tree service companies & tree care information. Tree & Shrub FertilizationHealthy and established trees in Melbourne Village only require occasional fertilization.
Tree PlantingTo us, it's only natural that a new tree should be planted after a tree removal is done. Tree Cabling & BracingCertain tree species and tree structure can be prone to storm damage. WW Tree has been providing tree and landscape services to Brevard County for over 25 years.
Tree TrimmingThe tropical weather and long growing season means trees in Indialantic, FL need to be pruned on a fairly regular basis. Tree RemovalThe majority of the tree work we perform in Melbourne Beach is tree pruning, but because of our experience we are sometimes called upon to remove trees.
Ornamental Tree PruningMany of the landscapes in Indialantic are planted with small ornamental trees.
Shrub TrimmingThe extended growing season in Brevard County can make it appear that your shrubs are always in need of pruning.
Storm Damage Clean-UpOne thing we can count on along the east coast of Florida is that our trees are going to be tested many times throughout the year by high winds, hurricanes, and storms. Training – Jenkins Tree is a power line clearance certified company that specializes in hazardous tree removals and trimming. Experience - Jenkins Tree has over 15 years extensive experience in all phases of tree work from hurricane disaster clean-up and preparation for hurricane season such as trimming all trees away from any structures and thin out the canopy in other trees to allow wind to pass through without damage.
Tools - Jenkins Tree invests in and maintains the proper tools to handle whatever each job entails.
Not only that, but beautiful lawns can be used to extend living space, providing homeowners with a beautiful backdrop for family activities. It's not uncommon for homeowners to neglect their lawns due to the sheer amount of work required.
We remove the tree and grind down the stump, allowing homeowners to use the space for something else. Unfortunately, taking care of our trees is usually done after the tree becomes a hazard, or after a storm when the tree damages property.
The cost to maintain and care for a tree is far less than the cost to remove a neglected hurricane-damaged tree. In Florida, it is a big help to thin and uplift trees for the safety of the tree and surrounding property.
In order to reduce your risk of storm damage and clean up, we recommend prepping your trees prior to the hurricane season. Heavy equipment and insurance is a must when removing large trees over buildings and other structures. Blolly is salt- and drought-tolerant, and the female trees produce reddish-pink fruits that are savored by the birds.  Blolly is another great native plant that is still underused in the landscape.

It blends in nicely with other native plants and is a superb tree to attract migratory songbirds, such as warblers, vireos and flycatchers. It is a hardwood tree that can tolerate salt spray, long periods of drought, and damp soils. It is a large canopy tree that can reach 40’ or more in height and found mainly in hammock areas in Miami –Dade and Monroe counties. At WW Tree we take pride in offering our customers quality tree work, a quick response for your tree care needs, and affordable rates in Brevard County for tree service. WW Tree has the tree removal equipment to quickly and efficiently clear your land of unwanted trees, shrubs, vines, and weeds. Sick trees, weak trees, damaged trees, and young trees and shrubs, on the other hand, may require more frequent fertilization. Even if you're not taking down a tree we are more than happy to help you with any tree planting needs. From Titusville to Palm Bay to Satellite Beach we are here to help keep your trees and shrubs healthy, clean up storm damaged trees, or provide and install new trees and shrubs. We have the necessary experience to safely remove all tree species that grow in Melbourne Beach.
Although some stumps are in remote or unseen parts of the landscape they may not need to be removed, but most homeowners ask us to grind up their stump as part of the tree removal job. Ornamental trees generally require pruning and shaping more often than shade trees like a Maple or Oak tree.
While we hate to see the sudden and drastic damage that Mother Nature can wreak on our trees, we know that the damage must be cleaned up. Bucket trucks, dump trailers, stump grinders and an arsenal of saws provide our crews with the ability to do your tree work correctly and efficiently. They will be able to trim trees in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing while promoting healthy growth. The experienced arborists and landscaping team will always provide quality workmanship in Brevard County. Typically, it is done to ensure safety, improve the look of the tree, or to produce more flowers or fruit. We take precautionary measures when structures are around or close to the tree to ensure safety for the structure and surrounding environment.
Pruning palm trees to remove fruit, flowers, and seed pods will allow the tree to grow optimally. It is a rare endangered tree that is found in the hardwood hammocks of Miami-Dade County in Florida.
The glossy pinnately-compound leaves tend to be clustered near the branch tips and the reddish new growth makes Paradise tree a great specimen. The fragrant flowers appear in late spring and range from white, lavender and green, literally covering the branches when the tree is leafless. The peeling reddish-bronze bark has given this tree its comical name “Tourist Tree” because it resembles a sunburned tourist.
It's always a good idea to have your trees and shrubs properly inspected by a certified arborist before scheduling a tree or shrub fertilization program. Periodic pruning of palm trees is also necessary to maintain the safety of people, property, and pets in the vicinity of palm trees in the landscape. We can help you decide on the best tree to plant based on what you need from the new tree or shrub.
This particular type of tree structure is susceptible to splitting under strong wind conditions.
Improper tree pruning can not only increase the normal pruning cycle, but it can cause harm or permanent damage to your trees. We usually give a separate price for stump grinding in case you decide to have this work done at a later date. Our pruning arborists can shape your ornamental trees and do the fine interior pruning necessary to keep them looking their best.
Our trained professional tree climbers and grounds men that are required to attend daily safety meetings and detailed briefings on the tasks ahead for the day. We are also a vendor for Brevard County for the past 3 years. We take pride in everything we do, from landscape to tree trimming and removals. Professional arborists will be able to properly cut trees to avoid decay and infestation while keeping homeowners and structural elements safe.
Disease and damage to your tree can result in loss of the tree or potential property damage. Thinning your trees will reduce the wind sail effect that happens in high wind, a common problem in Florida.
Uplifting is a service that is used to provide clearance for buildings, signs, vehicles, pedestrians, and lines of sight. The tree drops its leaves in late winter in response to drought, but quickly re-leafs in early spring.

It ranges in Florida from Cape Canaveral south to the Florida Keys and is extremely popular in the landscape as a specimen, street and accent tree. With a certified arborist on staff you can rest assured your trees will be pruned properly. We also have the tree removal equipment to quickly dispose of all the debris from your tree removal. Dan's Grounds Maintenance focuses on top notch lawn care and tree services by qualified professionals. Additionally, Dan’s Grounds Maintenance  provides trimming and landscaping services for hedges and flower beds. Dan's Grounds Maintenance can provides different tree services ranging from routine trimming and thinning to full removal. Our arborist understands the biology of all Florida trees and knows the basic requirements of trees to undertake pruning that will optimize the tree’s structural integrity.
Our professional arborist will assess each tree for any structural issues or pests that might need remediation. Drive down to the Florida Keys in late spring and you can see Jamaica Dogwood trees flowering along the edges of hammocks. The leaves serve as a larval food for the mimosa yellow, large orange sulfur, and the cassius blue butterflies, and also attract gnatcatchers, warblers, vireos and flycatchers during fall and spring migrations. It is the larval host for the Ruddy Daggerwing butterfly and the Cedar Waxwing and White-Crowned pigeons are a few of the many birds that eat the fruit.
Green Buttonwood has dark, fissured bark which makes it a great tree to attach bromeliads and orchids. Proper insect and disease identification is important to make sure the correct treatments are applied to protect your trees and shrubs. Our arborists can help you schedule your palm tree pruning according the the particular palm tree species in your landscape.
As arborists, we not only are familiar with what trees grow best in Melbourne Village, but we also know the maintenance you would need to have done on various tree or shrub species. Cables installed in the upper canopy of the tree can minimize the chance for storm damage by keeping multiple trunks moving together in the wind, or by giving added support to long or weak tree limbs.Lightning Protection for TreesStorms that produce lightning are not an unusual occurrence during certain times of the year in Satellite Beach, FL.
We also rake up and dispose of all the small twigs and leaves when we perform a tree removal. The arborists at WW Tree are familiar with all of the shrubs commonly used for landscaping in Indian Harbor Beach and can advise you on the best time to trim your shrubs and the proper shrub pruning technique to use.
Professional arborists have the knowledge and experience to care for trees to International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) standards.
Pruning is often preferred or necessary to maintain safety, improve the trees structure, improve the trees health, and make the tree aesthetically pleasing.
To avoid damaging the tree we recommend leaving fronds parallel to the ground, and avoid deep cuts into the boots.
Female trees produce 1” fruits that turn dark purple when ripe and are edible, but astringent.
The endangered linguus tree snail is often found on the trunks of Wild Tamarind trees in hammocks of southern Florida.  Wild Tamarind is a great tree for schools, parks and yards if you have the space for a large spreading tree. It is a great specimen tree for schools, parks, street plantings and those who have the space for a large tree. We offer a variety of insect and disease control treatments to protect your landscaping investment all season long. Before planting a tree or shrub it's nice to know if the plant is susceptible to any particular disease or insect pests, and what type of tree spraying might be necessary to maintan the health of the plant. Prized trees, trees that have taken many decades to reach maturity, can be severely damaged or killed by lightning in an instant. We're here to help, with the right skills and equipment necessary to quickly and efficiently clean up your storm damaged trees.
The fruits can stain driveways, cars, and patios so plant female trees away from those areas. The fronds are the only source of food for the tree, so we are careful to remove only the fronds necessary. Two of our biggest compliments when exiting your property is that we treated it with care and our clean up was miraculous! A lightning protection system for a tree involves placing a braided copper cable high in the tree canopy, running it down the tree trunk and out to a grounding rod buried in the ground.
The cost of installing a lightning protection system in a mature tree is oftentimes less than what the cost would be to remove the tree if it was killed by lightning. Whether it is above your pool, roof, fence, garden or a single pot with a flower in it, we are experts at lowering the tree to the ground without damage. Our business is based out of Palm Bay, Florida.

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