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We like to think of our home as our castle, a secure and private place where we can escape from the world. Shrubs maintained as a clipped hedge, as shown here, are a literal interpretation of walls or fences and create a formal feel.
Narrow evergreens with thick foliage, such as the arborvitae (Thuja spp) in this photograph, upright junipers (Juniperus spp) and columnar blue spruce (Picea pungens 'Iseli Fastigiate') need little pruning and provide a year-round screen that is much taller than most building codes will permit for structures. The mixed border of evergreen and deciduous trees, tall shrubs and perennials shown here is a less-formal look that provides more visual diversity.
Consider, too, that the quickest and most efficient way to achieve privacy is to place a screen in immediate proximity to where it is needed.

This larger patio space is lightly enclosed and screened by a soft planting of shrubs and perennials. Last, but not least, a small space may best be screened by a combination of a structure and plants. Becca DarlingIf it hasn't already been done lately, it sure would be helpful to have plant and landscaping topics and discussions divided by zone. If you enjoy gardening, desire a wide range of seasonal interest or want to attract wildlife, this is the look for you. Placing screening plants in strategic locations can create privacy where it's needed while maintaining the view, sunlight and air circulation.

Potted anything would freeze so hard it would die in the wintertime and the pot would crack. Really agree about garden crews not knowing how to shape bushes, leaving the lower parts shaded by the uppers, meaning eventually no leaves on the bottom and necessitating the removal of the bush or shrub.

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