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We hope you’ll stop by our Rehoboth or Cataumet showroom and walk on our pavers, sit on our walls, see the style and feel the texture of our extensive indoor and outdoor displays and imagine your project’s potential.
Outdoor Pizza & Brick Ovens, Outdoor Kitchen Kits, Masonry Paving Stones, Interlocking Wall Systems Based in Smithfield, Rhode Island. NRI STONE in Smithfield, Rhode Island, is Southern New England's premier hardscape center for Outdoor Kitchen Systems, Masonry Paving Stones, and Interlocking Wall Systems.
For years, NRI STONE has built upon our reputation for giving you old-fashioned customer service, including Delivery Service. Contact us in Smithfield, Rhode Island, for more about our huge selection of masonry paving stones, interlocking wall systems, outdoor kitchens, pavers, and slabs for all your landscaping needs. Landscaping Rock Guys offers your real solution for your landscaping needs with the natural Landscaping Rocks. In order to safely and properly install the landscaping stones in your compound, the services of competent and skilled designers are paramount.

As a sign that we are indeed committed to offering you high quality landscaping rock services in Rhode Island, we give guarantee of both labor and the Landscaping Rocks.
Give us a call at 800-309-1597 if you want to use the best quartz landscaping stones in Rhode Island.
Flagstones are indeed beautiful quartz rocks that you can use in different places in your landscaping endeavors. The landscaping stones we have for you in Rhode Island are not only strong but they beautiful and elegant and through them, you will notice a real transformation in your compound.
Landscaping Rock Guys is privileged to have a good number of designers and installers who are ready and willing to create any effects you want as far as the use of landscaping stones is concerned.
Should you notice any defects or problems with the stones or our services within the guarantee period, we will offer to come back to your site and offer the necessary services without any extra cost on your part. In most cases, it is usually used as stepping stones or in paving the paths around the homesteads or even in the patio.

If you want to enjoy the professional services of our stone designers and installers, kindly give us a call at 800-309-1597 and we will be delighted to offer our services to you. Landscaping Rock Guys remains committed to offering you the best landscaping stone services in the area. We have the best quartz stones available in different styles, colors and designs and you can use them for a plethora of different effects within the home. Landscaping Rock Guys has the right Landscaping Rocks in Rhode Island that you can use to have very magnificent rock ground cover in your compounds. Here at Landscaping Rock Guys we have all the rock accent features you can imagine of and your duty will be just to make a choice.

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