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Since 1982 I have been working with Nature to solve landscaping problems and enhance the outdoor environment. I work with natural stone, native trees and shrubs, red cedar lumber as well as certain man made products to create attractive and useful gardens and patios, entry porches and steps, water features and lawn alternatives, all with an emphasis on classic style, low maintenance and longevity. Contact Robin Aggus about your plans for your retaining wall, interlocking stone or flagstone patio or tree planting project. Our rugged patio stones have been used by builders and homeowners across Southwestern Ontario for more than 4 decades. Grand River Stone offers the most extensive variety of patio stones in Southwestern Ontario. Grand River Natural Stone offers a range of patio stones and natural landscaping supplies for patios, driveways, pathways and the poolside to suit diverse tastes and budgets. Patio stones make a bold statement and can become the stunning focal point of your outdoor space.

Grand River Natural Stone has one of the best selections of landscape rock and patio stones in Ontario. Talk to us about your landscaping ideas and we’ll show you the finest patio stones and the most extensive selection of landscape rock. Drop in at any of our locations and see the unique patio stones, paving stones and landscape rock we offer.
Make your entire property more beautiful with landscaping supplies trusted by the most in demand landscaping professionals in the industry. Whether you need landscaping supplies like patio stones for a large estate, cottage, condominium or commercial property, we have many varieties of patio stones to match your design requirements. Grand River Stone brings the widest range of high quality landscaping supplies to London, Stoney Creek, Kitchener and Fergus.
If you need some direction building a retaining wall, placing stone steps or installing paving stone, don’t hesitate to ask.

Flagstone, armour stone, concrete pavers and walls and other natural materials will accentuate your landscape design and last forever. Builders, landscapers and homeowners across Southwestern Ontario rely on us for excellent quality and competitive prices. If you’ve got a landscaping project in the works, come to us and grab all your supplies in one location where you know customer service and product quality are our top priorities. Walk in to any of our locations in Kitchener, Stoney Creek, London or Fergus to arrange pick up or delivery of your landscaping supplies today.

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