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With the addition of one of the most recognizable names in power equipment repair and service, Second Nature is proud to welcome Tim Bockelman to our staff. With the growing demand to conserve fresh water, Second Nature is an industry leader in offering water conservation services while still providing your landscape with the correct amount of water to maintain your landscape. As a seasonal service, most people don’t think of Second Nature as a snow or ice removal company until there are 2-3 inches on the ground.

Most wanted a professional company who could offer a dependable service to keep their lawns manicured on a regular basis. We offer irrigation maintenance and repair, spring start up services, fall winterization services, system monitoring, and water control management services. Second Nature will take the time to do the little things that set our mowing service apart.

If plummeting temperatures do cause frozen conditions on your water feature, Second Nature can provide the material and service to allow your water to continue flowing throughout those frigid times.

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