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Project management software can be overwhelming, and the only way it will help your landscape architectural firm is if it is used. 346,135 companies have chosen the right software using ourextensive research on over 1,556 systems.
To help navigate the PM and PPM software market landscape, Genius Project, an enterprise project management software, published a white paper that categorizes related software in the market into 5 types. Software that are categorized under project collaboration provide basic communication and sharing of project information, documents and emails to optimize project results. Project management software is the most commonly known and the most difficult to navigate, according to the white paper. Software categorized as enterprise project management (EPM) tools such as Genius Project take a holistic approach to managing projects, consider its impact on people, process and corporate objectives, and develop an environment based on interrelated goals linked to a group of people with finite availability and talent.
Genius Project can adapt to an organization’s business process with its highly flexible and configurable features for enterprise and PPM needs.
Some of the individual articles even reviewed 5 or 10 of the top project management software at a time for a particular type of industry, application or some other criteria. These are project collaboration, project management, enterprise project management, project portfolio management and professional services automation.
This type of software is ideal for smaller startups whose main goal is to centralize information. However, a classic definition would describe it as a tool that provides a bottom-up approach to manage the people, timelines, scope, budget and project activities within a time frame as defined by the customer or stakeholder. It is the main tool used in a company or organization to daily manage multiple projects simultaneously with shared resources. PPM software takes a top-down approach with a focus on strategically aligning and optimizing potential and active projects, grouped into portfolios, with corporate objectives and available resources.

It is a tool that helps manage the entire lifecycle of service-based projects starting from sales, project delivery, time and billing, up to invoicing, which are fed back to the Accounting department of that company. Project management software has tremendously helped these organizations to achieve said qualities and environment. Planning and Gantt Chart, Project Tracking, Dashboards and Reporting, Workflow and Resource Management, What-if Scenario Planning and Demand Management are but some of its features that are valuable to a wide array of teams and project types.
He has written more than 400 articles including project management software reviews, books reviews, training site reviews, and general articles related to the project management industry on this site. Indeed, the PM software market is crowded, and therefore, choosing the right PM software for one’s team or business is not a simple undertaking. Organizations that do not yet have any formal PM practices in place but use tasks heavily to complete work such as graphic design projects would greatly benefit from this type of software.
As such, it is for organizations with the need to plan projects, manage tasks, share documents, solve issues and track time. It provides strong scheduling, dashboards and reporting capabilities, with powerful resource management across multiple projects. It is software that is ideal with those that have a Project Management Office (PMO) that plays a significant role in managing portfolios. It is basically an EPM software for service, specifically designed for the service industry, to assist professionals with their project and resource management.
Companies who are interested to use the right PM software should first evaluate carefully their needs, intended benefits, budget, and long-term goals, among others, to be able to find the proper match. Further complicating the selection process is the somewhat generally defined project management software category, where a software that only features collaboration and another software with full PPM functionality are both classified as PM software. Some features may overlap, as most provide support in managing projects, but the approach and priority may differ.

Some of the benefits of this software for users are it is simple and quick to implement, is highly accessible from the cloud with data stored remotely, provides quick turnaround time, minimizes email use, and displays shared calendar views.
It is a software that addresses and supports the role of a project manager to be able to create a plan, schedule, tasks, and deliverables, to manage resources, and to create progress reports. It has the intelligence to provide a holistic view of the status of projects, resource availability and alignment to strategic organization goals. Important features that must be included are those capable of providing what-if scenario planning and demand management. Some software are flexible in pricing, modular in deployment and therefore scalable to the growth of the organization.
From there you’ll see the link to the Project Landscape report and the option to run popular variations of the report. Features would include Gantt charts, document management, social team collaboration, project and time tracking, dashboards and reporting, among others.
It provides a macro view of a portfolio of projects so that profitability, alignment with corporate goals and other constraints imposed by external factors can be effectively assessed. Important list of features include project, time and expense tracking, document and resource management, dashboards and reporting, as well as project invoicing. Thus, one does not necessarily have to choose the software with the least number of features just because it is only starting, although simpler solutions such as project collaboration are generally needed by businesses of all sizes and complexity. Intervals is online time, task and project management software built by and for web designers, developers and creatives.

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