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Paver stones are relatively easy to install, cost-effective to repair or replace, and give you more design options. Since 1977, Hemlock Landscaping has been providing central Pennsylvania with prestigious outdoor living space.
Landscaping is one of the only home improvements that actually gets better as time goes on! Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing home, professional landscaping will increase the value of your property.

Hardscape Design: A paver patio or pool lined with nice pavers gives another usable outdoor space for cooling off in the summer or relaxing, eating a meal, and enjoying the nice fall or spring weather.
A high-quality pool with natural paver accent is a great way to get ready for hot and humid summer days. Landscaping also becomes easier when you want to extend the deck into other aspects of your outdoor living space.
Our award winning professional landscaping service provides free consultation, on-site evaluation, professional design services and estimates.

Our installation services include retaining walls, stone drywall, masonry fireplace, paver patio, water falls, ponds, planting, maintenance, seeding, and sodding.

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