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The most common tree seedlings found in lawns in our area are maples --usually silver maples. After dropping to the ground, the seeds quickly germinate whenever and wherever the conditions are good for the young tree.
Tree seedlings in gardens and walks can be dealt with by weeding out the seedlings before they become too large. Trying to dig up or pull out baby oak trees was a never ending nightmare, like bailing water out of a boat with a hole in it the size of Atlanta.
The brutal truth was the tree did nothing for the appearance of the yard and when I looked out the windows of my home, it was a huge gray telephone pole in my front yard. The stump grinder guy didn’t make it out yesterday but he is on his way now as I type this.

The River Birch (shown on the left) had engulfed my walkway and had sent roots all out into the yard in every direction, even threatening to break up the walkway. It took much of the fun out of gardening or working in the yard because it controlled every landscape choice I attempted to make and it ruined many of the things I tried to do, like growing flowers across the front of the island. It was horrible having to kill all my beautiful Dianthus but there was simply no way to get the hundreds of oak trees out that were growing all throughout them. I’ve cried so much the last three months over Max, that making all these tree and camellia decisions has been hard, overwhelming at times. They establish themselves quickly, and some gardeners like to keep the "free tree" in the garden.
However, since they can travel, gradually expand the search to all rooms of the house, basement and attic until the feeding larvae and adults are found.

The only way you could really enjoy the tree was if you walked across the street and stood in my neighbor’s front yard (which is on a slight hill) and looked back at my home.
It starts out a bright, hot pink, fades to soft pink and then finally to white before it’s gone for another year. The tree seedlings may come back after one or two mass prunings, but in the long run they will die out and the lawn will fill the space.
Since they are deciduous, in the winter you just have a bush of sticks growing in your yard.

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