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We offer major manufacturers superior quality solid and machined brass, copper, stainless steel and aircraft grade cast aluminum light fixtures, bulbs and accessories below wholesale prices. All of our brass low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures are backed by a lifetime warranty and cast aluminum products have a 10 year warranty. Visit our virtual showroom to see our exceptional quality and prices and to purchase landscape lighting for your home, landscape and garden. Under the Ask the Landscape Light Doctor link you will find answers to frequently asked questions about low voltage landscape lighting.
The Design a System link has some tips for how to design a lighting system that's just right for your yard.
We are a full service low voltage landscape lighting design and installation company based in Lexington, Kentucky. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the latest technology and innovative solutions to their individual landscape lighting needs, focusing on energy efficient low voltage halogen and LED lighting systems.
We are a full service low voltage landscape lighting design and installation company based in Lexington, KY. Our founder, owner, and president, Kevin McGarry, has over 25 years experience in the lighting industry working for SYLVANIA.
These are exciting times for landscape lighting customers as the technology has made significant strides in many areas (i.e.

Low Voltage lighting can provide as much light as incandescent bulbs using only 20% of the energy. Installation of low voltage lighting is safer than other kinds of lighting and when installed outdoors, does not carry the risk of electrocution due to exposure to the elements (rain or snow). A well designed lighting plan can enhance the details of your property’s landscape and architecture and add value to your home. Our team can help you design a system to meet your vision and enjoy the many benefits that outdoor lighting provides. An outdoor lighting plan can highlight your landscape creating usable outdoor space long after the sun sets. This means you can save money on your electric bill by consuming less energy while still providing adequate light. Lighting up the perimeter, entry points and shadow pockets in your yard provides an element of safety and security as well. Lighting designs can be configured to highlight a focal point, up-light features and mimic moonlight.
These are our focused areas, but we will provide services beyond these areas for unique landscape lighting design projects. McGarry spent some 9 years as the General Manager for SYLVANIA’s North American halogen lighting division.

With LED technology rapidly improving, now is the time to have the experts in lighting listening to your ideas, advising you on the appropriate technology, and designing the most cost effective and stunning solutions to meet your individual needs. Low Voltage Lights, especially LEDs, last 50 times longer than other bulbs creating less waste and saving on bulb replacement. Timers and colored lenses can be added to orchestrate and provide options to bring your light display to life. Prior to his early retirement in 2008, much of his last 2 years were focused on integrating LED technology into mainstream lighting products. Once you talk to us you will want no one else to design and install your individual landscape lighting system. All of this works to your advantage as we can continue to evaluate the latest landscape lighting advancements and carefully select the right solutions for you.

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