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Twilight brand lights come in three pieces: a stake, a riser pipe (not used with the spotlight) and a lamp head. Insert the tulip light's riser fitting into the stake's receiver fitting and tighten the set screw. The CAST system achieves the best possible system integrity by providing tools, techniques and support for the various stages of the project: planning, installation, testing, voltage adjustment, documentation and maintenance. Using these products, the designer lays out the installation with Spider Splice junctions positioned near fixture locations.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting, Desert Decorative Landscaping Lights Installation: Arizona, East Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Higley & Queen Creek, AZ. We basically wanted to light a row of bushes across the front of our house and to make our short walkway more inviting. Cast aluminum looks richer and the lights are usually brighter, but that's only part of the appeal.
To install a tulip light, begin by driving its stake into the ground until its top is at grade level. It needs to be out in the open, but beyond the reach of any strong, artificial light, especially car lights.

To point the light exactly where you want it, loosen the wingnut and pivot the head up or down. We could easily have used a 150- or 180-watt transformer, but opted for 250 watts because we may someday add more lights in a side yard flower bed.

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