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Just as plants are an element used to create unity, continuity, and beauty, textures and colors in hardscapes can also be used to do the same. Compared to the landscapes in the background, you can see that this garden, even without plants, has curb appeal and is still interesting in Winter and Fall.
As you can see here before the planting stage, this landscaping has interest and curb appeal even without plants.
So if you have a problem area where plants have not worked, perhaps this might give you some ideas for decorating.

And while this design will have plants a little later on, it does show how it is possible to create designs that will look good even without trees, flowers, and bushes. And an advantage of doing a landscape like this would also eliminate having to water or replace any plants.
Curves give landscaping the feel of more distance which works especially well with smaller areas.
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Since plants were not an option, the gazing balls contributed color and added interest without adding more work. If you like this Front Yard Landscape Ideas Without Plants wallpaper, don't forget to share it on facebook, twitter, gplus, or pinterest.

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