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Replicate the landscaping depicted on our photos or combine ideas from various photos to create even more ideas for your yard. Many of the home landscaping photos you will see were taken by Mary and I on our porch photography trips across the country.
Landscaping pictures are water-marked and copyrighted; please do not use without permission. The photo above depicts a more formal style of landscaping - geometric shapes in this case.
Woodland landscaping uses plants that complement or mimic those found naturally at the building site.

View: Make sure you can see the landscaping whether sitting on the porch or looking out a window.
Raise your home's curb appeal by a bunch by putting great porch landscaping ideas to work around your porch. Mary and I are excited to share several front yard and front porch landscape designs by Lisk Landscape Management.
See before and after photos depicting how they've landscaped small front yards and front porches to create lots of curb appeal. Landscaping with rocks is a fantastic way to add texture and beauty to your porch landscaping.

The porch landscaping idea shown below is an excellent example of an established landscaping plan that has matured over time.

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