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TUBEX Weed control fabric rolls provide weed control along hedgerows, around new planting, in horticultural settings and can be cut on site to form mulch mats.
Spun-bonded non-woven Polypropylene weed control fabric is water permeable, and unlike woven polypropylene their edges will not fray when cut, however it must not be allowed to flap. Woven Polypropylene ground cover fabric rolls are water permeable, easily pegged using TUBEX plastic anchor pegs and much stronger than spun-bonded polypropylene fabrics.

Hybrid Jute weed fabric rolls are made from a mixture of recycled jute and cashmere hair, needled onto a polythene backing.
50m rolls of 12mm square plastic netting and a clear polyethylene film lining which gives the tree or shrub added shelter. Voleguards are a tightly rolled plastic cylinder which is split vertically and designed to hold its shape and retain sufficient overlap to enable the tree guards to expand as the tree grows.

Buying tree strapping on the roll offers the convenience of being able to cut the tree tie to any size.

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