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First we need to start out by digging a small trench and leveling the ground where we want to lay the block.
Most landscaping blocks don't require cement or mortar because the weight holds them in place.
Concrete block or cinder block needs to be secured because they are hollow and they can fall over. Call Vic Hannan Landscaping Materials today for more information on Tristar Retaining Wall Blocks & more!

It's important to match the color scheme of your home when using rock, stone blocks and landscape pavers. The blocks actually have a subtle offset for strength and it looks fantastic.Making a concrete retaining wall is really quite easy apart from the fact that the blocks are dang heavy.
Observe the pictures on the side for a clear depiction of the difference in texture of the two patterns. The blocks are 16" wide x 6" tall x 12" deep, weigh 78 pounds each and step back 1 inch for each block, Since the blocks move back 2 inches for every one foot of rise, the wall leans on the slope.

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