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Following a four-month reprieve, Hawaii County has set July 1 as the date commercial haulers must register and pay tipping fees to dump green waste at the Puuanahulu and Hilo landfills rather than dumping it for free at transfer stations.
County officials have been meeting with haulers in the meantime, but some landscape companies say the fee was considered a done deal, and there really was no back-and-forth or any attempt at compromise on the county’s part. The Kealakehe transfer station became the flash point of the dispute, because many landscape companies using that transfer station are balking at the 30-mile drive on busy Queen Kaahumanu Highway to the Puuanahulu landfill.
Yeaton calls the fee “non-sustainable,” and worries the small landscape companies won’t be able to afford it. We recently had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Steve Siegrist, a landscaper whom we identified and contacted via neighbor2neighbor.

Since many people have yet to experience the process of designing a garden, it is important to understand that a professional landscape design will not only yield a set of construction documents, for the contractor to follow, but also includes a methodical decision making process with you and your spouse, that takes into consideration your personal preferences and your budget to assist you in fully developing your site. This meeting is offered at no charge for clients within Napa City limits, $150 for consultations within Napa Valley and $300 for consultations outside of Napa Valley – fees will be waived if you move forward with the design during that appointment.
Inside & Out Landscape DesignWe have experience working with all garden styles, and our design approach leans toward using simple lines and natural materials to create the ‘hardscape’ and a thoughtful, low maintenance, layering of plant material to help soften the space. Steve Siegrist can guide you toward an artfully designed, eco-friendly landscape that will save you money and provide you with a new sense of harmony with your environs. Steve was wonderful to work with and he couldn't have made a large and overwhelming job go any smoother (we landscaped our very expansive front yard).

The designer will walk the site with you to exchange ideas, discuss the scope of work, review the design process and the benefits of completing a landscape design. My wife is very into gardening and landscaping and he knew what she wanted almost before she did.

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