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The banner ads are intended to typically appear either at the top or bottom of the display and are provided in two formats so that ads may be displayed when the device is either in portrait or landscape orientation.
As previously mentioned, iAd creative are available in formats suitable for display in both portrait and landscape orientations.
The ultimate goal of this example is to create an application consisting of a table view and an iAd banner view. The next step is to declare an instance of the ADBannerView class and provide an outlet to the table view object that we will be placing in our user interface file in a later step.
The next step is to design the user interface and connect the table view object to the tableView outlet declared in the view controller interface file above. So far we have not written any code to allow our application display to rotate and to change the ad format between portrait and landscape. In order to implement the ADBannerViewDelegate protocol there are a few more methods that should be implemented within the view controller.
This method is called when the ad view removes the ad content currently obscuring the application interface.
You can also use apps like Mail, Messages etc in split screen mode on the iPhone 6 Plus. So in the Mail app, instead of going back to the list view to check a new mail, you can now tap on the new mail in the list view to the left. We expect other popular third-party apps like Whatsapp to also make use of the split screen view. You also get access additional keys such as cut, copy, paste, bold text, undo, exclamation mark, question mark etc on the virtual keyboard in the landscape mode, which means that you have tap the globe less number of times while typing on the iPhone 6 Plus.
There is another cool new gesture in Safari that allows you to switch tabs. Pinch with two or three fingers, which will show you the tab view, but without releasing your fingers, drag to the left or right to switch tabs.
As an extension to the previous feature, you can see more than one folder page in landscape mode as you can see in the screenshot below, and also tap on the apps that are visible.

Despite the Reachability feature, it is not very convenient to use the iPhone 6 Plus with just one hand, but these advantages in the landscape mode, make it a great device for two-handed use. The new Iphone 6 plus comes with everything you require for you to get started including a SIM-card. The Iphone 6 plus has a special software which is an exclusive layout for specific applications when the device is held sideways in the landscape mode.
Your level of tolerance to straining and the size of your hands to be able to get the corner of the device will play a very vital role in helping you decide whether Iphone 6 plus is best for you. Iphone 6 plus has a very bigger screen 5.5-Inch  and even though a bigger device is suitable for applications and web browsing, it can also be very challenging to used it single-handed.
A simple guide on how you can get back a shipping version of iOS apple back on you IPad, Iphone or iPad. Also thrown into the mix is a landscape mode that works for both the home screen and lock screen as well as other apps. This indicates to the compiler that within the view controller we will be implementing the delegate methods for the banner view protocol. Next, the banner object is configured to download ad creative for both portrait and landscape orientations so that the ads can be switched instantly when the device is rotated. If the willLeave argument passed through to the method is YES then your application will be placed into the background while the user is taken elsewhere to interact with or view the ad.
In the Mail app, you can also access the swipe gestures to mark an email as read, to delete or archive it or flag the email for followup in the list view. I would at least like to try split screen mode for apps and home screen landscape orientation because they would work easily on iPhone 6 screen as well.
The device has a much bigger screen, very thin, and has a longer battery life as compared to previous Iphones.

Applications like messages and mails provide you with an IPad like view with a huge list of texts on the left and their information on the right. The 16GB SIM-free Iphone 6 plus carriers has a price tag of $749, $619, AU$999 and that is just the begging. Ryan Petrich has authored a number of tweaks and mods, having been an active member of the community for as long as most can remember, and with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both offering the usual assortment of exclusive features, Petrich has ensured that those on other devices are not left out. Clearly this spectacular market growth would not have been possible without the availability of hundreds of thousands of high quality applications available to iPhone users in the App Store. In the early days AdMob came under some criticism for the quality of the ads that were served (which mostly took the form of ads for other iPhone applications). In light of this, phone users were looking forward to a handset which was much different from the other designs and as such the expectations were moved to Iphone 6.
Despite the dimensions it is quite evident that Iphone 6 plus feel good in the hands as compared to other devices of the note family.
Apple has eliminated the 32GB variant for both Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus and the next storage space will be 64GB. By implementing this delegate method in our view controller, therefore, we can make sure the ad is displayed only when an ad is ready.
This chapter has covered the basics of the iAds framework and worked through the creation of an example iPhone application.
All the Iphone 6 plus come with the new iOS 8 and as such you will be allowed to use fingerprint access for several applications and not just the iTunes store and the lock screen.

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