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Where height is needed and width is limited there are several types of “columnar” evergreens that can work well in groups to create a green wall for visual screening or help to define a space.
But not all evergreens are large growing or woody stemmed.  Evergreen groundcovers such as pachysandra, euonymus, ivy, and low juniper work very well planted below deciduous trees and ensure there is a splash of color in the late fall and winter landscape. While we often lament the end of fall and the coming of winter, be grateful to live in a climate where we can enjoy the landscape in all of its stages, and be thankful for the evergreen plants and all that they have to offer.

The landscape becomes a woody framework of trees and the humble evergreens, once relegated to the background, are finally given a chance to shine. Similarly, shrubs such as boxwood and yew are perfect candidates for hedging to define spaces. They can be left loose for an informal hedge or tightly sheared for a more formal look.  These same plants also work well along the foundation of a house, where they stay low enough to avoid windows, to make great backdrops for flowering perennials.

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