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Nature's Supply Centre can supply all of your retaining wall or landscape edging needs when it comes to Railroad Ties and Landscape Timbers. Dig a trench: Where the wood will rest on the ground, dig a level trench 2 inches wider than your timbers and about 3 inches deep. Scenic Landscape Timbers On Sale At Home Depot For House Landscape Please enable javascript to view this site. Landscape timbers give every homeowner the ability to turn their eyesore exterior into a landscaping masterpiece. To simplify, landscape timbers are used to build planter boxes and raised beds for gardening. The possibilities are endless, but before you go and purchase landscape timbers, make sure you read all there is to know about this highly attractive landscaping feature. There are certain landscape timber basics all must know before embarking on such a landscaping project. According to our landscape timbers cost estimator, all types of landscape timbers vary in price. Natural Untreated: Most pay $300 for untreated landscape timbers that covers 50 linear feet.
If your yard is not level or has drainage issues, the timbers may deteriorate, rot or shift out of place.
Untreated timbers have some natural resistance to fungal growth, moisture and temperature extremes. When a natural landscaping timber begins to deteriorate, one must replace the decaying log right away. As I said above, there are numerous applications for landscape timbers such as landscape curbing, building a garden bed or separating a walkway.

Besides a huge bump in curb appeal, there are various benefits to installing landscape timbers. Durability: Treated timbers can last up to seven years and plastic can last several decades. Accessibility: Raised beds made of landscape timbers reduce the amount of weeding that needs to be done while allowing for an extended growing season and easier access to the plants. As indicated with our landscaping cost estimators, it’s almost always cheaper to handle your own landscaping project as opposed to hiring a pro.
To start off, one should always wear gloves when it comes to landscaping projects, especially those involved with treated landscape timbers.
With the correct landscape timbers (based on your measurements above), you are ready to install. For a more detailed description, please see David’s 10 easy tips to timber installation.
It’s the details that count and when it comes to upgrading your curb appeal, few projects do it better than landscape timbers. If you are interested in installing your own landscape timbers, but want an expert eye on the project, click here to connect with up to four landscaping pros near you! Sign up to the Improvenet weekly newsletter for home design inspiration, free project cost guides, DIY tips and more!
Whatever your landscaping needs are we have the railroad ties and landscape timbers to do the job. Pressure treated timbers provide a rugged exterior building product that's rot and insect resistant.
Please enter your ZIP Code and select your local store, so we can provide current product and pricing information available for your area.

Get Started with Installation Services & Repair Moving ServicesFind everything you need for your move. Landscape timbers present a challenging DIY project, but one any determined landscaper can handle.
Like many other home materials, landscape timbers come in a variety of colors and materials. These woods have a pleasing color, but they can also be painted to match other landscaping features. That’s because most homeowners use treated timbers to build benches, retaining walls or tables. These strong, durable ties are suitable for landscape retaining walls, parking curb stops, flower boxes, and any landscaping purpose. Finally, synthetics do not include any chemicals, providing a safer environment for your plants and family. According to David Beaulieu, landscaping expert, installing the edging first will make your life much easier.
Our experienced and trained staff will provide help you with landscaping planning and loading or delivery! Treated with a preservative process that is proven safe for use around people, pets and plants. Landscaping timbers that were treated with copper, chromium and arsenic mixtures should not be used around plants for human consumption.

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