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A good quality railroad tie for landscape retaining walls, parking curb stops; with three good solid sides.
A fair quality railroad tie for light landscaping, planter beds, bordering, and fence posts. The use of blue fescue in the landscape is marvelous because it becomes a work of art in itself! Pale Grey render, Black roof and eaves, timber door and window frames.Photo of a large and gray contemporary two-story concrete exterior in Perth.

Timber feature wall garrage horizontal slating timber like rock wall.Design ideas for a contemporary landscape in Melbourne with a retaining wall. Undulating lines help draw the viewers' eyes around the landscape while highlighting artwork on display.Design ideas for a traditional backyard landscape in Los Angeles with a retaining wall. The smooth, olive-green bark is as beautiful as that found on any of the specimen Japanese maples and brings color to the winter landscape.Photo of a large eclectic sloped landscape in Portland with gravel. Many types of wood can be used, from treated posts to landscape timbers, and there is also a wide variety in quality of materials.

Problem spots in the landscape must be managed as part of an overall grading plan, and not as isolated issues. Less-expensive wood edging will last for a few years, while treated durable wood edging will last 10 years or longer.Inspiration for a modern landscape in Orange County.

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