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One of the most golden accent shrubs available, this forms a wide-spreading mound with delicate sprays of golden foliage that hold their color throughout the summer, even remaining yellow into the winter; a fine choice for constant color in the garden.
Is a superior evergreen groundcover displaying silver-blue foliage on a widely spreading habit. A popular evergreen shrub, Its dark, mint green foliage and graceful fountain-like arching branches work well in many situations, especially in foundation plantings. A high quality evergreen garden shrub with an extremely dense, mounded habit of growth throughout its life. Landscaping designs are an important and fun aspect of any diy design project bringing beautiful curb appeal to your home.  You have a wide variety of colorful planting options from trees, flowers and bushes.

Whether you're looking for backyard or front yard landscape ideas, the most popular types of evergreen trees include the ornamental viburnum and forsythia plants.
The rich green foliage and neat round shape of this evergreen makes it easy to use in the garden. It has attractive soft green evergreen foliage and is a very durable landscape specimen that tolerates heat, cold and drought. Sea Green is very useful as a mid-height planting or as a single specimen in the smaller landscape.
This plant is perfect for nestling in landscape boulders or softening the top edge of a masonry retaining wall.

Taunton's Yew has dark green foliage which emerges light green in spring and its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other landscape plants. A good choice for banks and rock gardens, where it grows gracefully around landscape boulders.
Ideal for small-scale articulation in home landscapes and can be grown in full sun or heavy shade, but requires good drainage.

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