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Total Mulch & Materials offers a variety of decorative rock from red lava rock to drainage stone. Brick edging looks professional and polished, is relatively easy to install, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, making it a popular option among Virginia Beach, VA homeowners everywhere. With the help of a great blueprint, a top-of-the-line shovel, and the right materials, you’ll be able to create a series of clean lines between your lawn and the surrounding landscape of your yard. We are professional landscaping company, specializing in commercial and residential lawn and landscape design and maintenance.

In fact, many Virginia Beach, VA homeowners strive to inject some added personality into their landscapes by simply altering the shapes of their lawns.
Separate your lawn and garden using a collection of beautiful stones in your choice of color and texture. Once poured, set, and dried, concrete remains completely in place and does not allow for any weed breakthrough (unlike rocks or bricks). We do everything from simple work like mowing and edging to handling big projects like Ocean Breeze Water Park in Virginia Beach!

Because no two rocks are exactly the same, this type of edging can give your Virginia Beach, VA property more of a rugged, natural look. The non-grassy landscape is then used primarily for garden beds, mulch, or river rock to create a nice contrast between the lawn and the remaining yard.

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