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Recommendation: Used primarily for garden pond applications, also for landscaping projects. Since they are lightweight, they can be used anywhere in place of natural heavyweight landscaping stones and landscaping boulders.  They are VERY realistic!
Recommendation: It can be used as stepping stones, for walkways, patios, and also for landscape borders. Recommendation: For used as a backfill around underground storage tanks, and landscape decoration.

We also provide delivery services for materials you need for your landscape project in Cypress TX. We carry small, medium and large – red marble, white marbles and green marbles for your landscaping needs. Create the perfect balance of trees, shrubs, sand & gravel for a beautiful landscape layout of your front or back yard. You could continue with a total  rock garden concept and incorporate a variety of landscaping rocks.

Reducing water use without sacrificing an exciting landscape design using sand & gravel from The Yard Depot in Cypress TX can help you save money.

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