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Tennessee River Rock is harvested from the Cumberland Plateau in the mountains of Tennessee. All Seasons Mulch Market and Landscape Supply is home to Charleston’s largest outdoor warehouse with a full line of mulch, sod, topsoil, gravels and rocks and landscape supplies. Brick edging looks professional and polished, is relatively easy to install, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, making it a popular option among Charleston, SC homeowners everywhere.
With the help of a great blueprint, a top-of-the-line shovel, and the right materials, you’ll be able to create a series of clean lines between your lawn and the surrounding landscape of your yard.

In fact, many Charleston, SC homeowners strive to inject some added personality into their landscapes by simply altering the shapes of their lawns. Once poured, set, and dried, concrete remains completely in place and does not allow for any weed breakthrough (unlike rocks or bricks). Gregg and his experienced staff offer bark blowing services too for your landscape, topdressing or playground project for residential, commercial or large government jobs. Because no two rocks are exactly the same, this type of edging can give your Charleston, SC property more of a rugged, natural look.

The non-grassy landscape is then used primarily for garden beds, mulch, or river rock to create a nice contrast between the lawn and the remaining yard.

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