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The Green Man Garden & LandscapeThe large variegated plants are Agave lurida, the variegated plants next to the fence are actually "Java White" Copperleaf,Then we have two different types of Neoregelia bromeliads, The small flowering trees on the left and behind the palm are Saint Thomas Trees, and there is a pink flowering Bougainvillea on the fence in back. Landscape planting design is a specialized art in outdoor planning that combines the finest elements of gardening with the essential techniques of landscape architecture. These useful documents are drawn to scale and can help to assist your landscape contractor with the installation of your softscape. The flowers and shrubs within your outdoor space are a significant factor in the overall look and style of your landscape.
The symbols correspond with the labels on the detailed planting diagram, which shows the exact location for each plant to be placed.
The planting diagrams contain more detailed information about the actual installation of the planting design. Guidelines for the planting depth and the height are included, along with details for the best installation techniques to give the desired effect.
Trees are just as critical to your landscape design as flowers and shrubs and their proper placement is even more significant.

Trees can become quite large rather quickly and specimens planted too closely to one another or in close proximity to existing structures can be very hazardous in the future.
The tree schedule includes the diagram image for each tree, as well as the name, quantity, and size of each.
Your planting plan is part of your preliminary layers and contains every single aspect of your landscape planting design. Ti plants or cordylines, are extremely popular worldwide for their intense leaf colors and leaf shapes producing interest and contrasts even in deep shade. The various types of flowers, trees, and shrubs within your landscape design are carefully diagrammed in a planting plan. A planting plan uses a convenient, easy to understand planting schedule to outline the ideal placement of each flower, tree, or shrub.
Both the botanical and the common names of the plants are noted, as well as the quantity and size. Specific instructions about the soil, fertilizers, and other planting information is carefully outlined in these sections of the planting plan.

This section explains the equipment needed and the way it should be used to correctly place the trees within your landscape.
Precise measurements are given for bracing the tree, as well as the specific materials needed to plant.
Flowers and shrubs intended for planters or containers are notated on the plan with their name, size, and quantity. Native to Eastern Asia to Polynesia, ti hybrids have names in English, French, Japanese and Hawaiian. Information regarding the best sizes and colors for your landscape planting design, as well as the exact number of plants you will need is also included. Stems can be cut almost any time and cuttings can be inserted into the ground to start a new plant.

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