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Landscape archeology addresses the complex issues of the ways that people have consciously and unconsciously shaped the land around them. Landscape archaeology thus involves the use of archaeological, documentary, and oral history evidence to study and interpret the ways past peoples shaped their landscapes through the deployment of cultural and social practices, and the ways, in turn, that such people were influenced, motivated, or constrained by their natural surroundings. I have provided below, following the "Class Schedule" section of the syllabus, a bibliography of additional print sources and a list of internet resources related to the subjects of landscape archaeology. Overview of course, spectrum of landscape archaeology subjects, and potential research topics.
Human populations have engaged in a variety of processes in organizing space or altering the landscape around them for a diversity of purposes, including subsistence, economic, social, political, and religious undertakings.
Southern Town Plans, Story Telling, and Historical Archaeology, in Archaeology of Southern Urban Landscapes, ed. Of Saints and Sinners: Mythic Landscapes of the Old and New South, in Myth, Memory, and the Making of the American Landscape, ed. Visible Charity: The Archaeology, Material Culture, and Landscape Design of New York City's Municipal Almshouse Complex, 1736-1797. Alley Landscapes of Washington, in Common Places: Readings in American Vernacular Architecture, ed. Landscape Biographies: Geographical, Historical and Archaeological Perspectives on the Production and Transmission of Landscapes (Amsterdam University Press).
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Origin of the Dutch coastal landscape: Long-term landscape evolution of the Netherlands during the Holocene (Barkhuis).
453 or LA 454 from the display list and you can access the course syllabus, assignments, lecture notes and illustrations, and other online class resources for Landscape Archaeology.
Tracking and Testing the Nature-Culture Dichotomy, in Historical Ecology: Cultural Knowledge and Changing Landscapes, ed. In The Past From Above: Aerial Photographs of Archaeological Sites, by Georg Gerster, edited by Charlotte Trumpler, pp. Temple Mountains, Sacred Lakes, and Fertile Fields: Ancient Maya Landscapes in Northwestern Belize.
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220, or an introductory landscape architecture course, such as LA 215, and a 300 level course in socio-cultural anthropology or archaeology, or an equivalent of experiences in prior course work may be accepted as sufficient with the instructor's permission.
Always Multivocal and Multivalent: Conceptualizing Archaeological Landscapes in Arizona's San Pedro Valley. The Landscapes of Class Negotiation on Coffee Plantations in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, 1790-1850. Dynamic Landscapes and Socio-political Process: The Topography of Anthropogenic Environments in Global Perspective.

LiDAR for Archaeological Landscape Analysis: A Case Study of Two Eighteenth-Century Maryland Plantation Sites.
Integrating Segregated Urban Landscapes of the Late-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth Centuries. The Metropolis and the Backcountry: The Making of a Colonial Landscape on the South Carolina Frontier.
Myth, Memory, and the Making of the American Landscape (Gainesville: University Press of Florida). Landscape, Race and Memory: Biographical Mapping of the Routes of British Asian Landscape Values. These research efforts include the development of interpretative frameworks focusing on regional systems theories, diaspora studies, landscape analysis, theories concerning ethnic group dynamics and racialization, stylistic and symbolic analysis of material culture, and the significance of consumption patterns.
The Landscape of Van Winkle's Mill: Identity, Myth, and Modernity in the Ozark Upland South.
Class, Gender, and the Built Environment: Deriving Social Relations from Cultural Landscapes in Southwest Michigan.
This is, for the most part, a reading and discussion course intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students with backgrounds in anthropology, archaeology, and landscape architecture. Previous course work in archaeology or landscape architecture is assumed, along with familiarity with basic archaeological and anthropological concepts. I am an affiliate faculty member of the Department of Landscape Architecture, the Center for African Studies and the Department of African American Studies, offering courses addressing African diaspora subjects and issues of racialization. Landscape Archaeology as Long-Term History: Northern Keos in the Cycladic Islands from Earliest Settlement Until Modern Times.

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