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The CUL7 features a spun solid copper roof and copper stem that will enhance any landscape and endure the elements for night beauty. If you have questions on enhancing your backyard living areas, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on providing clients with the best performing energy-efficient outdoor lighting. The Presidential Challenge for Advanced Outdoor Lighting was introduced back in January of this year. While the government and municipalities work to improve public lighting, OLP is dedicated to improving it residentially.
If you are interested in retrofitting your landscape lighting to LED or in the market for new lighting, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.
Temporary lighting is perfect for weddings and other special events as they are beautiful but they also have a purpose. At OLP, the majority of our jobs are to design and install custom landscape lighting systems.
Garden lights can also help make a big visual impact on the surrounding landscaping and trees. If you’re interested in enhancing your next special event with lighting, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office.
Providing beautiful and energy-efficient outdoor illuminations is at the heart of what Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is all about. Since our inception, OLP has prided itself on using the best quality outdoor lighting fixtures. LED landscape lighting is a great option for all areas of the country as they operate well in both extreme heat and extreme cold. If you’re interested in making your landscape lights more energy efficient and retrofitting them to LED, please reach out to your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office. Many of our holiday lighting clients like wrapping some of their properties’ trees in lights, but some like a different installation that also works all year round: the lighting globes. These are just two examples of holiday lighting products that can be used all the time, but there are more.
If you’re considering adding lights to your property, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office. Sylvie and Michel, who provide outdoor lighting in Northern New Jersey, take each project as an opportunity to highlight the architecture of the home (and thus their lighting design skills).
One of the main challenges of lighting this home was to illuminate each story without creating shadows and keeping the unique identity of the house. Color was also a design challenge that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey overcame. The ground floor and all its columns were illuminated with traditional very wide-angle well lights. The homeowners chose to work with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey because of their design expertise as well as their commitment to their clients.
At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we create custom landscape lighting designs for our clients’ needs and tastes. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving this week and be safe while installing your holiday lights this weekend! At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on enhancing our clients’ outdoor living experience by increasing their home’s curb appeal and allowing them to linger longer outdoors.
Each and every one of our professional outdoor lighting systems is designed with our clients’ goals in mind.
With clear goals in mind, our trained designers can layout a system using a combination of many different outdoor lighting techniques to create the perfect affect.
Uplighting – installing fixtures at ground left with the light shooting upward to illuminate facades and key landscaping elements. Path lighting – using knee-height fixtures that shoot light downward to light traveled pathways and outdoor living spaces. Deck and Patio lighting – creating a subtle lightscape with lights around your outdoor living structures so you can use the space whenever you’d like. The vast majority of our low voltage lighting systems include two or more of these lighting techniques as each has a specific purpose. Our online series, Transformation Augusta, clearly illustrates how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives works with its clients to create a beautiful affect.
If you have questions regarding outdoor lighting design or how lights can enhance your property, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office. We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can’t believe it is already November and if the music in the stores is any indication, it’s the holiday season. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we help our clients design the perfect outdoor holiday display for them, their tastes and their budget. There is a reason white string lights never go out of style: they are classically beautiful. Even if you don’t fall into the classic or colorful holiday lighting themes, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can find something that works for you.

If you’re interested in discussing your holiday lighting options, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office. Illuminate walkways and low-lying ground cover with a Malibu low-voltage Real Copper LED 3 Tier Light.
The Malibu Low Voltage LED Real Copper Pivot Light is a do-it-yourself project that can be installed quickly and safely. High quality path lights were installed around the edges of the patio to cast a warm light throughout the space. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives didn’t install lights on each and every light post as it would have been too overwhelming on the space. LED landscape lighting continues to improve and homeowners and governments are taking notice. Using today’s new technologies, these system-wide lighting exchanges can help governments cut their outdoor lighting bills by 50% of more.” Source. While switching to a low-voltage option like LED will instantly decrease the cost it takes to run a system, it can be reduced even more with smart lighting controls. Several years ago, to switch a system to LED required a homeowner to purchase all new light fixtures. The life of an LED bulb can be between 30,000 and 50,000 hours saving you in light replacement and maintenance.
Our trained designers and installers will work with you to find the perfect lighting solution. Here are just a few of the ways that temporary outdoor lighting can enhance your next special event. Those same light fixtures, however, also make a big impact at special events, especially those that are held outdoors. One of the most common ways to add some whimsy and sparkle to outdoor events with lights is outdoor string lights. We’ve been designing, installing and maintaining low-voltage landscape lighting systems for since the 1990s. More and more of our clients are turning to LED landscape lighting for systems that have a lower cost to run. We use copper and brass fixture that we know will stand up to any harsh winter elements and still perform well. It’s time to take down your trees and put the reindeer away, but it doesn’t have to mean that all the lights need to go back in the box. Lighting globes are illuminated spheres that are hung on different branches as different heights in trees or sometimes in porches. Take inventory of your lights before taking them down to see if you are interested in using them in another way. Whether it’s reusing your holiday lights or reaching out to an outdoor lighting company to install permanent landscape lights, it’s nice not to go home to a dark house.
When porches create shadows on second floors, it is not uncommon for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to mount light fixtures to the gutters to illuminate all parts of the home.
Oftentimes, we include garden lighting in our designs so they can appreciate the beauty of their property both day and night. To speak with one of our lighting designers, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives office. If you’re like us, you can’t wait to see the festive lighting on both the residential and commercial properties in your area. It’s a terrible feeling after hours of work to flip the switch to your lights and find that half of your bulbs are out.
The design of the outdoor and landscape lighting system is incredibly important to its quality. We like to understand what they are expecting from the lighting and how they would to use their outdoor living space.
Our designer discusses the client’s property and why they are interested in adding outdoor lighting to different areas.
A temporary lighting system is placed on the property so the client knows exactly what to expect after the lights are permanently installed. The majority of our Christmas lighting installations fall into two categories, the classic and the colorful. Lighting your outdoor living spaces keeps your guests outside, but allows you to use the space later into the evening and nighttime hours. Although there isn’t a deck, deck lights were used on the outdoor kitchen and the fire pit for safety. Instead, lights were placed on every few posts, providing adequate light for enjoying the deck. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we help brides create beautiful illuminations for their special day. If guests are going to be walking around your property, it’s important that you use lighting to guide them safely.
As lighting technology evolves and improves, we’re thrilled to bring the best fixtures and lights to our clients.
A common misconception, however, is that to have LED lights you have to install a whole new system.

While we wouldn’t substitute them for landscape lights for general outdoor lighting, they are whimsical and visually interesting. Sylvie and Michel Mesnier custom designed and installed a unique lighting system on this Victorian Italianate 1880 home. If you’re anxious to turn on your lights when the sun goes down, start with the projects that are smaller.
They take unnecessary time and can cause damage to your home, especially with roofline lighting. From the music and lights to the parties and presents, the entire season is so festive it’s too hard not to love. You can highlight the architecture of your home with white c9 lights or snowflake and icicle lights in white as well as wrap garland, bushes and trees in white lights and it will look great. You can see that this house looks beautiful with the red and green lights of the bushes, and white lights along the columns.
Our goal is simply to provide you with holiday lights that you love and are stress free since we’ll handle the installation, take down and storage of the lights. The flat-top cone shade contains a 2700K color temperature integrated LED array that casts a wonderful warm white light that will illuminate paths, walkways, gates, garden, pool areas and more. It features a Southern Clay finish dome shade and cast aluminum stem with a light spread of 17 feet in diameter.
OLP was invited to the yard to design a lighting system that doesn’t overwhelm the space, but instead highlights the beauty of it. While the fire pit provides light in its own right, it’s important that guests clearly see the structure.
We can use battery operated path lights to increase the safety of the step so people can clearly see where they are going. While warm white string lights are the most popular, they do come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes so you can make sure it goes with your overall color scheme.
At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we design and install lighting systems that include more than the common landscape lights. And while they may be synonymous with the holidays, string lights can be used in all seasons.
For many homeowners, the outdoor spaces of the home are places they love to enjoy, and with the addition of garden lights, they can enjoy them anytime they want. Path lights were used along the walkways for safety and security while wash lighting was installed to bring out the details of the brick wall. When designing the garden lighting for this project, it was important to highlight the stone and falling water without the lighting being overwhelming. If you’re installing lights at your home this holiday season, here are some tips to keep you and your property safe and bright. Before taking your lights outside, check each bulb to make sure it works and ensure that all your products are safe for outdoor installation. Other homeowners may include lighted yard displays like reindeer and Santa or nutcrackers to add some color. Ground spike and wiring kit are included; works with existing low voltage landscape lighting systems. Low-voltage halogen lighting systems can be retrofitted to LED in different ways depending on the existing system.
We install high-quality, high-preforming string lights in a lot of our clients’ back yards. A special bulb was created in a lower wattage that was then frosted for the perfect effect. It doesn’t take as long as roofline lighting for instance, but still looks great on its own. They hold the light in place using the weight of your roof shingles and they are MUCH easier to install than nailing lights in place! The same lights were place under the outdoor kitchen’s bar top to bring it to life at night. While they can still properly illuminate outdoor living spaces, string lights are still fun!
If you are doing some roofline lighting, start earlier in the day so you can complete the project at once. This light can also be used in combination with other Low-Voltage lights and control boxes for a custom landscape design.
Instead, Sylvie and Michel’s team ran wires through copper tubing and that tubing and the fixtures were connected to the roof with silicone.
The Moonrays 95556 Low-Voltage 1-Watt 12-Volt LED 3-Tier Path Light comes with a 1-year limited warranty provided to the original purchaser, which protects this product from manufacturing defects in material, assembly and workmanship.

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