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Artistic Landscapes of Rowley, MA will design and install the low voltage landscape lighting system (night lighting) that best highlights your existing landscape. Our low voltage landscape lighting systems will add beauty to your property, make your property safer and add a tremendous value to your home. Call us today if you would like us to design and install your low voltage landscape lighting system this upcoming Spring.
There are many ways to uplight the front of your house and depending on your objectives, we will create a lighting design that will enhance the beauty of your house. We illuminated this Byfield, MA home with a landscape lighting system that covers the entire property.
Here is an example of making a welcoming look from the street all the way down the driveway and to the front door.
We designed and installed an automated landscape lighting system for the Wayside shopping center in Burlington, MA. This Cohasset family has increased the safety around their home for their 2 young boys through a lighting system that illuminates the front of their home as well as their backyard. In addition to the path lights we are up-lighting some trees and cascading branch shadows from a couple of strategically placed lights up in the canopy of evergreen trees to provide the aesthetic appeal which they hoped.

This Boxford family's driveway is now lit by a variety of low voltage landscape light fixtures and techniques. This Georgetown family's landscape includes a Magnolia tree as the focal point when walking to their porch.
While much of the time we spend decorating the exterior of our homes is focused on how it looks during the daylight hours, it often escapes us that the way it appears in the evening matters just as much.  We can tend to forget that our entryways, gardens, front porches and siding aren’t naturally illuminated at night like they are during the day. To solve that problem, outdoor lights can illuminate and accent your home’s exterior when it’s dark out.  The result will be an evening ambience for your home that makes you and your guests feel more comfortable and secure, while discouraging prowlers from invading your property late at night. Outdoor lighting is a smart way to increase your property’s allure, while also increasing your security and safety.  By taking these five ideas for illuminating your home into consideration, you’ll be on your way to maximized curb appeal.
The front of your home is the first thing guests see when they arrive at your house and the last thing they notice when they leave. Landscape Lighting is a great way to showcase your home at night and is a great security feature.
We can design your outdoor lighting system this winter and order your Aurora or Unique lights so that we are ready to install them as soon as the ground thaws.
At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, we’re experts at making a wonderful impression with architectural and landscape lighting for your home.

Bulldawgs Total Lawn Care hard wires all low voltage lighting to provide even brightness to all lights, even on rainy overcast days. We position accent lighting along walking paths, at the edge of bedding areas in front of home, and soft-glowing spotlights to illuminate windows, showcasing your home and doubling as a security feature.
With our temperate Carolina climate, garden lighting, landscape lighting, lanai lighting and pool area lighting allow these backyard spaces to be enjoyed throughout most of the year.With LED outdoor lighting systems, we can offer a brighter, more balanced look for the homes we light up. While LED helps save the environment and has a much longer life span, it also helps your house look its best year-round without the flickering or dimness associated with traditional halogen bulbs.
Very often, we can take existing lighting system to the next level by converting lighting fixtures to LED. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte will completely evaluate your system to determine compatibility.

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