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AboutFor more than 15 years, Illumicare professionals have been designing, installing and selling landscape and commercial lighting systems.
We’re starting 2014 by highlighting Phil Bauer, owner of Starry Night Lighting, in Sandusky, Ohio.
Even though I had been in the general landscaping business for nearly 30 years, my market area had almost no landscape lighting, so I had no experience with it.
What sets me apart for nearly 30 years in general landscaping was personal service to my clients, attention to detail in design and installation, and a never-ending desire to learn more. Phil Bauer owned and operated Bauer Landscape Management for 28 years and founded Starry Night Lighting two years ago to specialize in landscape lighting. Due to the lower wattage of the lights, your lighting system will have less voltage drop, so you can use thinner cables in more simplified layouts.
Our focus is eliminating the barriers of LED lighting technologies to produce an energy-efficient lamp for both new and retro-fit lighting installations.

As owner of Bauer Landscape Management, Phil has been in the landscape industry for over 28 years. There are so many geographic areas, even urban areas, in the US and Canada which have not been exposed to landscape lighting and so there are countless potential customers out there to be educated. At Illumicare, our team of lighting professionals design and develop the most failure-resistant, energy-efficient lights in the landscape and commercial lighting industries.
After discovering the power of well-designed landscape lighting, he knew he had found his new passion. I noticed that there was a lighting forum on a landscaping website on which I had been a member for some years. He is also an Ohio University graduate, and has coached high school girls basketball for 25 years. With a good choice of color temperature and beam spreads for flexibility in designs, using LEDs was a no-brainer.

As I learned more about the qualities of lighting, I noticed how much untapped business there was for architectural lighting, such as offices and retail businesses. Working with our distribution partners, we provide LED products, service and advice to landscape architects, landscape designers, lighting contractors, and many other professionals involved in developing and designing landscape and commercial lighting systems. After seeing photos of the work that the forum members had done, I knew landscape lighting was the professional direction and specialization I wanted to take.

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