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Career Spotlight - Landscaping and GroundskeepingIf you love working outdoors and have a green thumb, you may want to consider a career in Landscaping or as Groundskeeper.
Even though you can jump straight in to a Landscaping job right out of high school, you might want to know more about some of the training to make your career better and last longer.
The art of Landscaping is one of the main ways of controlling an area’s natural environment through the use of design, flowers, plants, bushes, grasses and other mediums to create a new look. Landscapers and Landscape Architects work with the idea of using the age old practices of gardening to create an oasis or to beautify an area. Those working in Landscaping are trained in a number of crafts from working with tools and equipment to knowing which type of plants or grasses would be work in certain areas. Most Landscaping jobs only ask for a high school diploma or a GED as the educational requirement.
We will break down the pros and cons of the most common routes that people take to become a Landscaping professional. Even though most entry-level positions in Landscaping do not require a college degree, it might be something to consider.
Over the next few years we will start seeing more employers that are seeking out employees who have some form of post-secondary education in areas such as horticulture and landscape design. If you don’t see college in the immediate future, you may start working in Landscaping by getting hired by a lawn care company.
You can become a licensed Landscape Architect by passing the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (LARE). If you plan to make Landscaping your life long career with better chances at advancement, higher wages or possibly starting your own business, we highly recommend going to college and getting your bachelor’s degree.
A few ways to find a Landscaping school is by searching on the Internet, asking your high school counselor or by talking to some people at one of the lawn care businesses around town. One of the top factors when looking at any school or program is to make sure it has been accredited by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB). If you happen to be in a situation that makes going to a campus based college an issue, say for example you have a full-time job or you are a parent, you can enroll in one of the online Landscaping programs.

Landscaping degrees earned through an online program are considered professional degrees rather than what you get at a campus based school. Unlike a lot of other fields, Landscape architecture programs are more hands on thus making it difficult to get a full rounded education as you would at a campus based program.
Those who enroll in a landscaping program should expect to be busy for the next 6 months to 4 years. The amount of time you will spend in Landscaping school will depend on the level of degree you are going to pursue. Landscapers and groundskeepers are mainly responsible for ensure the care of the landscaping and area surrounding homes, businesses and other buildings. The job of a Landscape architect is slightly different than that of a landscaper or groundskeeper. For most people in Landscaping who have not gone to get their degree, the annual median salary is okay. However, those who do go to school and become Landscape Architects the salary is substantially higher.
Founded in 1978, we’ve completed over 7,000 landscaping projects and garnered awards from PLANET, the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association, and the Minnesota Chapter of NARI. With over 32 years in the landscape business, Elf’s has grown into a successful family owned company. We have gathered and answered the most frequently asked questions we have received on Landscaping on this page.
Landscapers, also known as groundskeepers, continually add and maintain these areas to adhere to the design and overall appeal of the area. This exam is administered by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB). By using any of these methods, you should get a realistic list of colleges that offer degrees in Landscaping or one of the specialty fields such as environmental planning. The types of degrees you should look for are either an Associate of Arts (AA) in in Ornamental Horticulture or a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA).
The location of the school can play in part to the type of Landscaping you will be able to learn from urban to rural areas. While these programs can be very helpful in helping you learn the theoretical side of landscape arts, you will most likely miss out on the hands-on portion of the training. For example, online students earn a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture (BSLA) rather than a Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture (BLA).

Some of the courses include environmental design, landscape architecture history, site engineering, botany, biology, urban and rural landscaping.
If you are truly interested in working in Landscaping and online schools are your only avenue, rest assured that you can still get a quality education from any of the accredited distance learning programs. The landscape architect or designer is normally the one who helps set up the way the park or area is going to look.
In a typical year, we design and build over 450 residential and commercial landscapes. Our mission is to build relationships and outdoor spaces with integrity and creativity.
Our professional team includes landscape architects & designers, gardening specialists, seasoned project managers, and the most diligent crews in the industry. They work closely with project managers to estimate, plan and build the landscapes to the highest standards. Imagination the satisfaction knowing that you have made a little piece of heaven right here on earth and it call came from your training to landscape. Landscaping is normally performed at residential homes, businesses, buildings or in recreational related areas like ballparks, golf courses or public and private parks.
Landscaping can be used not only as an art form so make an area more appealing but also for practical means by help alleviate drainage problems or other problematic issues such as dust storms. However, the end results of a beautifully landscaped yard or park will always bring a strong sense of pride for anyone working in this industry. Even though the level of entry is fairly low, you could make yourself stand out by enrolling in a community college or a 4-year college focusing on Landscaping.
You will work under the supervision of more experienced Landscapers and follow their lead and direction.
College Landscaping programs normally have both classroom instruction and some amount of practical training. Rural areas are a little more open using the vast environment to help hone your Landscaping skills.

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