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Creative vertical gardening ideas to help you create and use height in garden landscape design. Queen palms are fast-growing trees often used to add tropical appeal to Florida gardens.Their feathery fronds dance seductively on any passing breeze.
If you have an expanse of bare wall or a boring fence, dress it up with a climber.Here, climbing roses adorn the walls of a stately home in the English countryside. Baskets of Boston ferns dangle like shaggy earrings from the gingerbread arches on this historic Savannah, Georgia front porch.The hanging baskets add charm and greenery to the narrow space without blocking the view onto the street or taking up valuable floor space. A grape arbor covered in red leaves combines with gold black-eyed Susans to spread fall color across this Versailles garden.

To see what flowers blooming up high can do for a garden, imagine this front yard landscape without the arch.
The Queen palms used at the back of this waterfall landscape design will be much taller than the dwarf dates above when they mature. If you want the tropical island effect that only large palms can create this year, visit Real Palm Trees.
You can have the palms you need to complete your fantasy waterfall landscape design delivered to your door.
In this Swimming pool landscape bananas team up with palms and split-leaved Philodendrons to provide lush greenery.

You can have plants that produce delectable fruit or plant an ornamental variety with gorgeous red markings on its leaves. This small but lushly-planted waterfall landscape design at Longwood Gardens in PA, features bromeliads and different varieties of elephant ears. Landscaping with trees and placing tall plants in flower bed designs.Using hanging baskets to draw the eye up while adding romantic ambiance to the home landscape.

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