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You can turn the electricity off before you even set foot in there.” That pump room scene could have come right out of a safety film, as a cautionary example. Videos, interactive training and tailgate talks all play an important role in keeping safety first and foremost. Spending a little bit of time on safety now can save you a pile of cash and regret down the line.

As such, he helped develop PLANET’s free STARS Safe Company program (covered later in this article). You don’t want to see people getting hurt when they don’t have to.” “As a business owner, it’s my responsibility to make sure that people get home to their families safely at the end of the day,” says Snyder. We don’t have high turnover.” “We did an employee safety perception survey last year during our last Safety Day,” said Kujawa.

I don’t want my guys to go through that.” Free Resources You can implement a safety program for little or no money.

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